Jun 27, 2014

2 years of blogging! :D

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to yooou,
Happy Birthday, dear BLOG, Happy Birthday to yooooou!

Two years of blogging flew so fast! :D
I want to celebrate this day with a manicure that can easily go by as "glam" but is also cute enough to be worn at any occasion...

I used a textured nail polish that I received from Laula and a similar one, regarding the color, that isn't textured but reminds me of shiny teal pearls. I think the two of them go very well together and the result is pretty spectacular (my opinion :P )

Enough bragging, I'll leave you with the pictures! :D

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Jules313 said...

awwww congrats :* and cute manicure ^_^ >:D<

Oana Alexandru said...

Felicitari si multi inainte!!!!Super draguta manichiura !!!!!

Manases Andrea said...

Felicitari si iti urez multi, multi ani in blogosfera. Manichiura ta este pe masura acestui eveniment!

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