Sep 19, 2016

Septembers Nails Challenge - Textured

Hello, nail art lovers!

Sorry for late posting but I had some difficulties with this theme. Most of my textured nail polishes have dried up and I was running out of time so I chooses two and did something simple... which got ruined overnight. I had to redo it yesterday, but the polishes I used disappointed me again.

As you can see, the white polish did not dry up very textured and the purple one, was the biggest disappointment. Zoya Pixie Dust was supposed to be the highlight of my nail art collection, but turned out to be a big fail, in my case. It dries up matte and there is almost no texture.

I also tried to take pics in artificial and natural light just so you could get a glimpse of the glitter. 

In natural light the pics came out very blurry. the texture is barely visible and the purple looks lighter than it actually is.

You can see the texture better in artificial light, but Zoya looks darker on my nails. The texture was almost smooth and it was somewhat matte, completely different than the color in the bottle.

Here are the polishes I used:

- Zoya Pixie Dust Carter
- Ados texture effect 01

Let's go see some manicures that are better than mine, shall we?

Andra Kat -

Have an awesome week and read you next time!

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Gabriela Bratu said...

mie imi plac, sa stii! ai niste unghii foarte frumoase!

Kinga Curelea said...

Hey. You should know that Carter is supposed to be matte and all Pixie Dust polishes are just slightly textured, you shouldn't compare them with very textured ones like Liquid sands or anything else. Puteam sa jur ca ai adaugat si top coat la cat de inchisa pare nuanta. In schimb manichiura in ansamblu arata foarte frumos :) Sa ai o zi buna!

Oana Alexandru said...

heyyyy mie imi place tare mult <3

Claudia`s Choice said...

Mie imi place combinatia de alb si mov :D

Manases Andrea said...

Am si eu oja Pixie Dust si este mata si putin texturata, dar din punctul meu de vedere sunt de vis. Imi place combinatia pe care ai facut-o!

Sophiesticat said...

I've seen it both matte and shiny and I was expecting the texture to be a bit more rough, not necessarily like Liquid Sand, but closer to it. I'm not saying I hate it, I was just expecting something else. :))) thanks for clearing things up, I should have done my research better. Have an awesome week!

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