Dec 9, 2017

Saturday's Theme - Christmas Candy

Hello, nail art lovers!

Christmas is right around the corner so, this week, we decided to sweeten our nails a bit, while waiting for it.
As I noticed, mist of the girls chose the stamping technique to show off the sweet treats, but I decided to go even further and used the sugar spun technique :) sugar... sweets... get it, get it? :D

This technique is quite simple. I started by painting all my nails white and I put a few drops of red and green nail polish on a piece of cardboard, to dry. When the nail polish was almost dry, I used a very slim dotting tool (kinda like a toothpick) and mixed it into a paste.

I pulled "strings" of nail polish off of the cardboard and onto my nail, from left to right and back, alternating colors.

I didn't use a top coat over this manicure because I like the "textured" feeling.

The nail polishes I used are:

O.P.I. Big Apple Red
Astor Fashion Studio - 220 Lagoon Lace
Essence - 33 Wild White Ways

Don't forget to have a look at what these lovely ladies have prepared for this week's challenge:

Deyutza -

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Oana said...

Foarte frumoasa interpretarea ta :)

andra kat said...

uh, ce frumos ti-a iesit modelul!

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