Nov 27, 2014

No name Hello Kitty nail polishes - swatch & review

Post number 150! Woohoo!!! :D

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to show you two of the cutest "no name" nail polishes I own and their swatches. I'll also share my experience with them, making this post a premier - my first review! :D

Ok, so, these are the newest additions to my nail polish collection - two adorable  nail polish bottles shaped like Hello Kitty' face but which have nothing to do with the Sanrio brand. The colors are named Blueberry 13 and Rose 12  ( I also own a red one, Rose 03, which you will see in another post pretty soon) and they are supposed to smell like well.. blueberries and roses. :)))

The pink bottle had a little sticker on the back with the list of ingredients and the statement "Made in China" written on it, but I couldn't find a brand name or any other information on it. 

(artificial light)

After applying the nail polishes onto my nails (over a layer of base coat) the first thing I noticed was that they were pretty opaque even in one coat. This surprised me quite a bit. The texture is somewhat creamy and the brush is thin, but easy to work with.

The first layer dried pretty quick, but after applying the second one I encountered two problems: first, it took a lot longer to dry up (by a lot I mean around 10 minutes) and second, the color changed. As you can see the liquids in the bottles are purple and pink, but on my nails the purple turned blue-ish (a little darker than in the pictures) and the pink turned into a lighter version of purple. :/

(artificial light)

I've been wearing this manicure since Tuesday (2 days) and it hasn't chipped at all, even though I didn't apply a top coat - I wanted to see how long it lasts this way. 

Now, about the smell. If you manage to ignore the persistent smell of chemicals and you trick your nose into finding other smells, you can feel a very unnatural smell of roses coming out of the pink bottle (try hard, really hard). I'm still trying to convince myself to re-evaluate the smell of the purple one, but I'll just give myself a little more time before trying again. :P

All in all, I like these nail polishes, even though I will probably use them more for nail art than simple manicures. 

My rating: 3/5

Do you have any similar nail polishes? Would you buy these if you saw them in the store? :D

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Oana Alexandru said...

Ce dragalase sunt,si eu am ceva asemanator,sigur ca le-as cumpara :)))).Pup

jules313 said...

Congrats on your first review you did a great job ^_^ The bottles are so so cute and the colours are pretty so I think I'd probably buy them :D

J.F Productions said...

You did not tell me of this review :O they look awesome and the bottles are pretty cute :3

Madalina I. said...

Sunt foarte dragalse incepand de la forma sticlutei pana la culoarea lor.Nu detin nici o astfel de oja in sticlute funny si cu siguranta as cumpara cel putin una :-*

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