Dec 1, 2014

Hello winter!

Hello everyone! :D 
Today is, officially, the first day of winter! Yay!

I wanted to celebrate this day with a manicure inspired by my favorite season, but, unfortunately the weather here is still closer to autumn. Bummer. Anyway, I came up with a "solution"- I asked Jake (who else? :P) to give me a nail art idea that marks the transition from autumn to winter and he told me to use both rain & snow in a combination.

This is what ended up on my nails:

I used snowflake stickers and a pretty glitter (if it doesn't shine, do I still call it a glitter?) to create the effect of snow combined with rain drops. I loved the result! :D

After a few days I added a matte top coat over it, but the result did not please me as much as I had expected. During this experiment, I also learned that applying matte top over these stickers makes their edges unstick... :/

I wore this manicure (shiny) for almost a week and I couldn't stop staring at it every time I got the chance. What do you think? Would you wear it? ^_^

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J.F Productions said...

It looks amazing honey keep up the good work!!!:*<3

Madalina I. said...

Foarte frumoase,imi place mult cum se vede glitterul peste baza neagra <3

Roxy Ch said...

Ce dragut ti-a iesit :)

Teodora Dobre said...

cute and so winter-ish <3

Butterfly said...

Ce bine arata...super ;)

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