Jan 30, 2016

January's Nails Challenge - Selfie with your nails!

Hello, everyone!

This week's challenge is one that I was reluctant to join at first. I never really intended to show my face on the blog, but I figured that since it's my profile picture on Instagram, I might as well post it here too. I hope I will distract you from my face with some super bright and childish nails, which I absolutely love and have been showing off to everyone for almost a week. ^_^
This manicure is actually inspired by Amber Did It!'s nail art which is so bright and colorful and amazing that I had to do something similar! Her inspiration was Lisa Frank's design so I looked it up and adjusted it to suit my my taste.

First I made a gradient using three nail polishes (listed below) and a sponge:

Then I painted stars and dots with white acrylic paint and colored them in using acrylic paint in the seven colors of the rainbow: red (I used fuchsia), orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. After they dried up, I used a glitter topper and a top coat.
(artificial light)

(natural light)

The result was better than I expected and my nails were noticed by everyone. Who wouldn't notice something super bright and colorful that is constantly displayed in front of their eyes? :)))

The nail polishes I used are:
  • Avon Decadence
  • Oriflame The One NI Orchid
  • Rimmel London I <3 lasting finish 198
  • Justi Cosmetics

I hope you like my manicure and please take a look at the other girls' nails:
Alina JustAnAngel - http://justanangel.net
Andra Kat - http://andrakat.com

Have a great weekend! ^_^

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Manases Andrea said...

O manichiura draguta foc, iar selfiul tau este deosebit! Te pup si iti urez un weekend minunat.

Oana Alexandru said...

Super selfie si mani,pupicei <3

Andreea M. said...

Ce cute eee!! Imi place la nebunie.
Iar selfie-ul ...super tare!

andra kat said...

mvaai, cat de dragute sunt unghiutele!!! <3

Madalina I. said...

Unghiute frumoase si un selfie reusit!!

Deyutza said...

Ce unghiute colorate si dragalase <3
Si tu esti tare simpatica :*

corina andreea said...

Ce cute sunt unghiile <3 Sunt asa colorate si se vad super bine cu efectul mat <3

Iovan Iulia said...

Cat de dragalase sunt unghiutele,la fel si tu chiar daca te cam ascunzi <3 :*
Vreau si eu sa stiu secretul primei poze :D am tot vazut efectul asta,dar nu reusesc sa il fac cu niciun program pe care il am

Sophiesticat said...

Eu am obtinut efectul asta cu fotor.com ^_^
Daca iti faci cont poti uploada poze si sa aplici efecte pe ele; nu mai stiu denumirea exacta, cred ca b&w sau color splash. Fotor e programul cu care imi editez toate pozele si e super usor de folosit. :D
Multumesc pentru apreciere!:*:*

Mădălina said...

Esti super draguta, nu trebuia sa te ascunzi. :D
Dar chiar si asa, poza este foarte reusita, iar unghiutele superbe. ♥

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