Apr 16, 2016

April’s Nails Challenge - Flower Power

A new week, a new challenge, a new manicure!

As you've probably noticed, I don't have many floral manicures since floral patterns are not really my thing. This time I was actually considering skipping this challenge until I received a package from Born Pretty Store, which contained, among other awesome things, these lovely round pieces of neon glitter. ^_^

That's when inspiration hit me!

Can you see how pretty and colorful my nails are? I absolutely love them!

Each piece of glitter was placed separately and, believe me, that took a whole lot of time, but the result was spectacular! The neon glitter and pink nail polish really stood out. everybody noticed my nails (even guys) and they had positive reactions, too!

I used the glitter to make flowers inspired by the '70s-'80s fashion - you know, flower power, Woodstock, hippies, cute vans and bright colors - on my left hand, and a more random design on my right hand's nails. I might have gotten a bit anxious to finish my manicure, hihi.

I used two different types of pink for this manicure, but my trusty Essence white decided to get super thick and take loads of time to dry up so I opted for a textured nail polish which I covered with Top Coat, afterwards. Here is what I used:

- Ados Texture Effect 01
- Moyra  64
- Sally Hansen Sugar Coat 700 Cotton Candies

I absolutely loved wearing this manicure for the whole week and I'm still pending on cleaning it up or not. *giggles* 

Did I mention that none of the round glitter pieces fell off or changed their color during this period? Honestly, I really, really love them! You can find them here, in the Born Pretty Store Nail Art Section for $1.99. If you use my discount code QYL91, you get 10% off and Free Shipping!

Do you like it? Would you wear something so bright and colorful on your nails?

Don't forget to check what the other girls have on their pretty nails this week:

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Have a great weekend! Read you next time!

8 shared dreams:

Oana Alexandru said...

Vaiiiii ce dragute sunt, ce idee buna ai avut, super frumusele <3

corina andreea said...

Sunt foarte dragute si colorate, perfecte pentru anotimpul asta :)

Iovan Iulia said...

Ce frumoase si colorate!Super!

Cristina nails said...

Colorata si frumoasa manichiura ta.

Gabriela Bratu said...

arata genial! imi plac la nebunie!

Madalina I. said...

Foarte frumoase unghiute,intotdeauna mi-a placut glitterul acesta neon!

Alina pink said...

Deci wow pentru neon <3 îmi place rezultatul la nebunie

Claudia Choice - claudiaschoice88.blogspot.ro/ said...

super simpatice si colorate!

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