May 6, 2017

Saturday's Theme - Sunset

Hello, nail art lovers!

This week's theme is a pretty complex one, in my opinion so I stalled a bit before coming up with an idea for nails inspired by sunset. I ended up doing something tropical because inspiration had left me by the time I had my "canvas" ready.

As you can see, most my posts this time of the year are very bright and colorful. That's either because I'm happy, or I ran out of black...

These nails were painted with acrylic paint and took about half an hour to finish. I used red, orange, yellow, pink, fuchsia, blue, inky blue, purple, yellow and green in different combinations, and I'm definitely not disappointed with the results. Also,  can you tell that I painted flying bats, not birds?

I hope you like my design and please don't forget to visit the other bloggers, as well!

Andra Kat -

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trenda said...

Acest gen de manichiura te face sa vizezi la vacanta !!! :) Minunat!!!

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