Jul 16, 2017

Saturday's Theme - Splatter

Hello, nail art lovers! :)

Today's theme is a really fun one, but... rather messy, I might say. Splatter nails look really cool but the effect is kinda hard to achieve.

I started by painting all my nails with a white nail polish, and, while waiting for them to dry, I took a straw and cut it in four equal parts. Afterwards, I took some nail polish and added a few drops on one end of the straw, coating it evenly on the inside and blew the nail polish onto my nails.

The technique is a little difficult to master and I ended up "spraying" nail polish all over my silicone mat, but the result is very nice, in my opinion. The way the colors look combined reminded me of classic porcelain.

The nail polishes I used are:

 Essence The Gel 33 Wild White Ways
Astor Quick&Shine 604 Midnight Blue
Avon Gold Vision

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Deyutza said...

Nice... ti-au iesit tare dfragute

Oana Alexandru said...

Foarte frumos au iesit :)

Maria said...

sunt chiar foarte dragute!

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