Aug 12, 2017

Saturday's Theme - Aztec

Hello, nail art lovers!

Today's manicure is one that I had to redo about... 5 times? before I was satisfied with the result. At first, the color combo was not right, then the pattern and so on. I finally managed to find my inspiration and do something cute, last night. The design is pretty simple, but the color combo looks nice in my opinion.

I started by painting a few of my nails dark purple and the accent nails white. Over the white ones I did a simple "gradient" - more like a saran wrap effect, but using the sponge. I applied a top coat and waited for it to dry, then, using acrylic paint, I did the simple pattern.

I'm pretty sure that only one of the nails can be ok for the theme, but the little mandala just seemed to fit in somehow. What do you think?

The nail polish I used is Sephora - Time to Rock and even though I only applied it in two thin layers, it still came out more towards black than purple.

If you like the idea of Aztec-prints inspired nails, please follow these links to fin more awesome manicures:

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Oana Alexandru said...

Foarte frumos model ai facut :)

trenda said...

Te cred ca a trebuit sa refaci manicura de 5 ori... este foarte dificil de realizat modelul :) !


Maria said...

frumoase de tot! iar oja de la sephora arata super <3

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