Nov 18, 2017

Saturday's Theme - Feathers

Hello, nail art lovers!

A new weekend, a new theme!
Even though, today's theme is somewhat of a sequel for last week's theme, I had fun thinking of something creative to paint on my nails. I chose to paint a peacock feather because I've never had one of these on my nail before. ^_^

My fascination with peacock feathers began when my Grandfather bought me one when I was little. I would look at it for ages and since my mom didn't let me bring it home, I would go see it in my grandparents' guestroom every time I went to visit them.

I used a matte/satin silver nail polish - Avon Satin Matte in the Disco Diva shade - and a simple white nail polish for the accent nail.
I painted the peacock feather with acrylic paint, starting from the middle line and drawing more and more lines on each side as I switched colors. I made sure to make the "eye" visible.

Here's a closeup with the accent nail. I probably should have used a bit more green, but I think it looks decent for my first peacock feather.

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