Nov 4, 2017

Saturday's Theme - Gothic

Hello, nail art lovers!

I had so many ideas for today's theme, all of them involving the colors mostly associated with Goths - red and black. I looked up some patterns associated with the theme but decided to switch colors and chose the only "other color that goths like: light black... otherwise known as... gray" (quote from Aurelio Voltaire). I still used black for the accent nail and for the embellishments.

As you can see, this time I really tried to do a complicated pattern on my nails. I started with a thermal - white/gray - nail polish and a textured black nail polish on the accent nail.
After they dried, I proceeded to paint intricate patterns/embellishments using black acrylic paint.

Painting all the nails took quite some time; I'd say I spend about an hour making all the detail as close to perfect as I could. 

The nail polishes I used are:

Avon Stardust - Black Squins
MyDear - Gray (peel off thermal nail polish from Born Pretty Store - found here)

For more pretty goth nails, follow the links below:

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