Apr 28, 2018

Creative Nails Collab - Dots & Lines

Hello nail art lovers,

How does today's theme sound? Simple and.. a bit boring, maybe? Well, that's how I felt about it, too. I've done plenty of dotticures and loads of striped manicures, however I rarely combined them - even then, it was just a mix-match.

But now... I believe I took it to a whole new level... for myself!


At first I considered drawing actual constellations but my nails are too short so I improvised.

I started with a simple galaxy design, created using a bunch of shades of blue and purple, some white nail polish and two types of textured/glittery nail polishes. 
When the base was dry, I added a few white dots which I then united using white lines and, in the end, added glitter as stars over the dots. I sealed it with two layers of top coat.

Now that you saw what inspired me, let's see where the other girls found their creative ideas and what they have on their nails:

Oana - http://oanaalex.ro

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