Mar 15, 2013

Animal Print

Hello! ^_^
I am going to show you my first attempt at Animal Print on nails. I have a very brave friend, Iulia, who lets me practice on her nails from time to time. She came up with the idea and, a day before we met in order for me to paint her nails, I found out that this week's challenge in the Tip Top contest was "hearts & animal print".

Here is what I did for the Tip Top contest, where I was only allowed to use pink, purple, brown, nudes and black. I tried many styles till I was satisfied with what I had on my nails. I hope you like it as well! :D

And here is what I did for Iulia, on her birthday (Happy Birthday again, Jules! ^_^) : black nails with one golden accent nail with animal print. Enjoy! ^_^

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