Sep 8, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter S for... spiders!

Two days late, not really fond of my manicure and with 0 inspiration to write a proper blog post, I present to you my manicure for the letter "S"... spiders!

Ever since I started realizing that there are creatures called spiders among us, I've been in an awkward love/hate relationship with them. I'm really scared of big spiders (even more scared if they're hairy) but I have no problem with "baby spiders", which I find kinda cute sometimes.

When I was little I had a "pet" spider on the balcony. Nobody knew he was there, except for me. I used to go look at him every day and I would have given him dead flies if I wouldn't have been terrified by them (no, I'm not scared of live flies, only the dead ones freak me out). So, in honor of that spider (I have no idea what happened to him) I created this manicure. Enjoy! :D

Reasons why I'm not fond of this manicure:

1. I used an old matte top coat which cracked and had a bad reaction with my white nail polish;
2. I forgot my base coat at home and used one that isn't really good (I have got to buy a new one);
3. Two of my nails broke so I had to file them all ;
4. I wanted the spiders to be bigger but the rhinestones I have are pretty tiny...
5. All the pictures turned out a little blurry and no editing program that I know how to use, could help... :/

Oh well, I really hope my next manicure will be more impressive. I'm really fond of the idea I have for the letter "T".

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jules313 said...

now this is cute ^_^ both the mani and the pet spider story :)))

J.F Productions said...

It actually looks really good despite what you say :*

Sophiesticat said...

:)))) thanks Jules!

Sophiesticat said...

:)))) thank you! :D

Madalina I. said...

Super simpatici paianjenii si ai fost foarte inspirata pentru acesta tema! :-*

Oana Alexa said...

Foarte draguti paianjenii tai <3

Teodora Stoian said...

haioasa mani!love it!

Manases Andrea said...

Imi place enorm cum ai facut paianjenii, idea este foarte originala si creativa!

Andreea M. said...

Heiiii...urasc aceste mici(sau mari, dupa caz) creaturi dar ale tale sunt MORTALE!

Am vrut sa scriu exact acelasi lucru ca Andrea, deci nu il voi mai scrie.

M-ai dat pe spate cu micutii astia :D

Ana Maria said...

Pentru ca tocmai am pus in practica un tag primit zilele trecute si te-am nominalizat, poate iti va placea sa ne spui 7 lucruri despre tine Daca poti bineinteles. :)

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