May 7, 2016

May's Nail Challenge - Accent nail

Hello, everyone!

Today's theme is not a challenge at all, since all we had to do was one accent nail. As you know, I rarely wear a simple manicure and I did not make an exception this time, either. 

My manicure is inspired by an anime that I'm currently watching - Soul Eater - and, to be more exact, a character from the anime, called Medusa. She's a powerful witch that uses vectors and snakes to get what she wants. Not only is she cunning and gorgeous, but she has a great taste in nail art, too! :))

To sum up, my nails are a copy of her manicure ( I didn't figure it out if the arrows were pointing towards the tip or the base of the nail, so I went with what looked better) and the accent nail is her portrait. ^_^ 

I used a black nail polish as a base and I did all the painting using acrylic paint. I didn't use a guide for the arrows, as you can see, and all of it is freehand.

It took me five tries to get her face right on the accent nail, but I'm semi-happy with the result. I know there's a lot of room for improvement, though, s if you have any suggestions, I'll read them, gladly.

That was about all I had to show and tell you for today. Please go and check out what the other girls did this week and write your opinions in the comments section. 

Have a great weekend!

5 shared dreams:

corina andreea said...

Wow ce surpriza :o..ti.a iesit super unghia accent, arata creepy 😄

Oana Alexandru said...

Love it <3

Gabriela Bratu said...

Soc,soc,soc! Ce abordare diferita! Te pricepiiii!!!!

Manases Andrea said...

Stiam ca o sa ai o manichiura originala. Foarte tare abordarea ta!

Claudia Choice - said...

Cat de bine arata! Eu subt varza la free hand :D

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