May 29, 2016

May's Nail Challenge - Pond Manicure

Hello again, nail art loves!

This time I'm gonna post on time, yeee-haw! :)))
To make up for last week's late post that had little pictures and a gloomy text, I'm going to give you a detailed description of how I did my nails today. Are you ready? Start reading!

As you all know, I rarely do simple manicures, like this one, but now it was one of those special situations when I actually liked the result, before adding "sprinkles" to it.

The idea behind the "Pond Manicure" technique is quite simple: add two coats of jelly polish and a few white dots at the base of the nail. Wait till the white dots dry up and add one more layer of polish and a few more dots. Do this until you reach the tip of the nail and seal everything with a good top coat.

It's so simple and yet so fascinating in the end! All you do is play with layers of polish and patterns!
And I only needed two nail polishes: a turquoise jelly - Yes Love 011 and a white (no name) nail polish. 

What do you think of my manicure? I got my inspiration from the lovely @netters_nails but the other bloggers have original deigns waiting for you to discover them:

Read you next time! ^_^

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Gabriela Bratu said...

Tot la asta gandit si eu, dar nu se compara cu ce ti.a iesit tie :))

corina andreea said...

Au iesit super <3

Oana Alexandru said...

Foarte frumos au iesit <3

Iovan Iulia said...

simple and cute! <3

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