Jul 11, 2016

July's Nail Challenge - Negative Space

Hello, nail art lovers!

As you can see from the title, this week's challenge was to do a manicure with some negative space. I dislike this type of nail art because I like nails fully polished, however, I decided to give it a chance and interpret it in my own way. ^_^

I did a twist on the classic french manicure, that also contains some negative space, as it is.  :D
The inspiration for my manicure is more interesting than the manicure itself, so please read on, to find out what it was and keep an eye on my blog for a post explaining everything!

As you can see, my manicure is a twist on the classic french, since I used a textured nail polish, an abstract "smile" line and made it fit the "negative space" theme better.

I don't have much to say about these nails. I used nail art tape to paint the french tips with the texture polish and some acrylic paint for the black lines. The tiny flower decorations are from a rhinestones carousel I bought a long time ago and I thought they make the manicure look less plain.

The nail polishes I used are:
- Avon Magic Mineral Crush pearl
- Avon Magic Mineral Crush rose quartz

Here is a little hint on what inspired me:

And here is a list of the girls who's blogs you should visit:

Have a great week, everyone! Read you next time!

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Gabriela Bratu said...

arata foarte fain! nici eu nu ma omor dupa tehnica asta, dar din cand in cand...e ook!

corina andreea said...

Ti.a iesit foarte bine <3

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