Oct 31, 2015

Halloween Nails


Are you ready for another dose of spooky nails? >:)

This time I'm going to show you my "Bloody Mummies" with glow-in-the-dark eyes, the manicure I'm going to wear on my nails tonight, as well. Even though I have one more Halloween manicure in store for you, which will be presented on the blog tomorrow, this is the most special one to me.

Oct 26, 2015

Nail Art Marathon 2015 - 23.Tribal Print

Greetings, fellow nail art lovers!

This week I don't want to bore you with words so my descriptions will be short. I have a spooky Halloween-themed with tribal influences to show you, my nails being based on Deyutza's first proposal for the marathon: tribal print.

Oct 17, 2015

Nail Art Marathon 2015 - 22.Blobbicure

A new week, a new manicure! :D

This week theme's a combination between Andreea's idea - blobbicure, and my enthusiasm regarding Halloween and everything related to this celebration. :P

Oct 10, 2015

Nail Art Marathon - 21.Inspired by your favorite game

Hello nail art lovers!

This week the blogs will be filled with cute characters, pretty colors and, possibly, nostalgia, since Andreea suggested we represent our favorite games on our nails. ^_^

My all time favorite game is Sims (2 & 4) got me hooked, but besides the plum-bob and the logo, I did not know what to do on my nails so I searched for another game. My second option was the board-game named "Cluedo" but that is a little too scary to represent on my nails before Halloween, so I thought to myself, "what did I like playing with as a child?". The answer was "Barbie dolls, of course" but I have done Barbie themed nails a while back so I needed something new. And then it hit me: LEGO! :D

I've seen interpretations for LEGO nails on other blogs before and I always thought that the idea was pretty cute so I went with it. Here is my interpretation for "LEGO nails":

Oct 4, 2015

Nail Art Marathon 2015 - 20. Dotted Manicure

Post 201! WoooHooo!!!! :D

If you think you have a ophthalmic problem and see dots everywhere, fear not, it's just our new theme during the Nail Art Marathon - dots! :D
Alina came up with this idea and I wanted to make it special, since it's been a while since I drew something more complex on my nails. ^_^

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