Jun 26, 2013

The Polishes Challenge: 6. Cool

Hey everyone! ^_^
A new week, a new manicure! :D

Today's theme in the Untried Polishes Challenge is "Cool". For this, I used different shades of blue and some white and black to make a contrast. I tried something abstract on my left hand and some stripes on my right hand. Tell me what you think! :D

Jun 22, 2013

Happy Summer Flowers

Hello everyone! ^_^

My first post on this blog, almost a year ago, was about a summer manicure with flowers. Since my blog's anniversary will be in 5 days (OMG, already???) , I decided to paint something bright, colorful , which would fit into the same theme - flowers! :D

Also, another thing that inspired me was this contest I found on a fellow Romanian blogger, Miss Happy - Madalina's blog. The theme is "Summer". If you're from Romania and you love painting your nails, you still have time to enter! :D

Ok, enough talking for now, here are some more pictures:

Jun 19, 2013

The Polishes Challenge: 5. Warm

Hello and welcome to this week's challenge: warm colors! ^_^

When I first looked on the list of challenges I had a lot of ideas for this theme and I was really excited to get to this point. Yesterday, when I wanted to paint my nails, all my ideas were gone.
Here is the result of what was left of them. Enjoy! ^_^

Jun 12, 2013

The Polishes Challenge: 4.Neutral

Hello! Today is Wednesday so it's time for another challenge!
This time, it's all about neutral colors. ^_^

I'm not really a fan of neutral colors but I did my best.
On my left hand I used some stickers I've had for a while but never got the chance to use and on my left hand I just did a random pattern using a string. I hope you like them! :D

Jun 8, 2013

Disney Nails - Alice in Wonderland

Hello! ^_^

Today I will show you a manicure with which I entered a contest organized by a talented Romanian blogger (here is her blog: http://allesandra24.blogspot.ro/), for her second year blog anniversary. The theme was "Disney" and I just had to take the challenge! :P

Jun 5, 2013

Magnetic Nails - Tutorial

Hello! ^_^
Yesterday I bought two Magnetic Nail polishes and when I got home I realized I had no idea how to use them correctly (heh, I should have asked for a flyer with instructions but I was too euphoric). So, I browsed the internet a bit and I found a few good tutorials like this one and this one but I was not completely satisfied with what turned out on my nails so I decided to make my own tutorial for you and add a few tips of my own.

And now I'll explain the steps...

The Untried Polishes Challenge: 3. Three Colors / Magnetic Nail polish

Hello everyone! ^_^
This is the 3rd round/week of The Untried Polishes Challenge: Three Colors

Jun 1, 2013


Hello! ^_^
Today, in Romania, we celebrate Children's Day so I decided to paint my nails with bright colors to make them look happy and childish. I added a few caviar balls and glitter to make them look even brighter and more colorful.
I used the sponge technique and mixed the colors on a palette before applying them on my nails.
What do you think?
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