Apr 28, 2013

Fairy Tale - Hansel & Gretel by the Grimm Brothers

Hello! :D
This week I'm showing you my Fairy Tale inspired manicure. I was inspired by the Grimm Brothers' story - "Hansel & Gretel", one of my favorite bedtime stories as a child.
I've seen many challenges like this on Nail Art blogs but I never had the courage to try it till Tip Top issued this topic in their contest. 
Tell me what you think! ^_^

Apr 22, 2013

My first O.P.I. nail lacquers/Under the sea manicure

Ok, so, I got a bit lazy and forgot to post on the blog. This manicure is two weeks old, from when I bought my first O.P.I. nail lacquers and it is also an entry for the Tip Top contest I've been talking about lately...

The theme was "nature" and I decided to go with something simple and bright which would still let the O.P.I. nail polish stand out. Here is what I came up with:

And these are my very first three O.P.I. nail lacquers:

1. Nothin' Moussie 'Bout It

2. Liquid Sand - Get Your Number

3. I Have A Herring Problem

Apr 13, 2013

Monsters ^_^

Hello! This week I went for a childish look for my left hand and a simple one for my right one. Duality is something that characterizes me when it comes to Nail Art. :D
I decided to use some nail accessories as well, since I didn't get the occasion lately in Tip Top's contest. 
Here is what I ended up with, enjoy! ^_^

Oh, oh & I made a better tutorial this time... *blushes*

Apr 3, 2013

Geeky nails - microchips

Hello! ^_^

I've been wanting to try on a manicure I've seen on the internet a while back, but I didn't have the chance to do it. So, today, I decided it was the right time. :P
One of my best friend's boyfriend knew that I was into nail art and showed me this manicure which I tracked down to belong to Nail pop. I found it really cute and funny so I tried to copy it or make a manicure inspired from it.
It is not my original creation! 

Here are the pictures.. hope you like it! ^_^

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