Feb 26, 2017

Saturday's Theme - Colors you love

Hello, nail art lovers!

This week's theme is pretty straight forward so I don't have much explaining to do. Even though my favorite color is black, followed closely by red, when I went to my shelves to pick nail polishes these two blue ones "got stuck" to my hand.

Feb 25, 2017

Saturday's Theme - Flowers you love

Hello, nail art lovers!

I kinda missed a week but today I have two posts for you!

The firs one, entitled "Flowers you love" was a theme I wanted to get creative with. I'm not a big fan of flowers but I do like plants so I decided to cheat a bit. 

I found a comic online about a very cute cactus and decided I had to have it on my nails. And voila!

And the comic that inspired me:

Feb 12, 2017

Saturday's Theme - Valentine's Nails

Hello, nail art lovers!
Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day, in advance! ^_^

This week's theme is meant to inspire you to create the perfect V-Day manichure and I really hope you will find something you like on our blogs.

Here is my idea:

Feb 5, 2017

Saturday's Theme - Hearts

Hello, nail art lovers!

February is finally here, bring us joy and love.
I don't know how the first month of the year was for you, but I'm really glad it's over.

Aaanyway, this post is about lovely nails, just like February is supposed to be. I've already seen loads of hearts and cute things in every store so why not have them on our nails, as well?

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