Jan 30, 2016

January's Nails Challenge - Selfie with your nails!

Hello, everyone!

This week's challenge is one that I was reluctant to join at first. I never really intended to show my face on the blog, but I figured that since it's my profile picture on Instagram, I might as well post it here too. I hope I will distract you from my face with some super bright and childish nails, which I absolutely love and have been showing off to everyone for almost a week. ^_^

Jan 23, 2016

January's Nails Challenge - Inspired by your favorite drink

Hello, hello! ^_^

How has your week been? Mine was super busy, but I managed to do my nails and started re-organizing my nail polishes, so next week I hope I can start showing you my growing collection. :D

Anyway, back to manicures now. This week the challenge was to paint our nails inspired by our favorite drinks. It was an easy choice for me, since I'm "somewhat" addicted to Coca-Cola. *flashes crazy eyes*

Jan 16, 2016

January's Nails Challenge - Ice or Silver nails

How is your Saturday going, so far? ^_^

Mine is going great, I'm relaxing at home, reading blog posts and eating chocolate, what could be better? Speaking of blog posts, this week our challenge goes on with another winter inspired theme - Ice or Silver nail. It was a pretty tough one for me, and I've gotten a bit bored of silver since all my last manicures were in that color, but this is what I came up with:

Jan 9, 2016

January's Nails Challenge - Pantone Colors

Hello everyone!

As you can see, I have joined a new challenge this month, one that is inspired by the month we're in. My original idea was to do some winter themed manicures this month, but Mădălina had some great ideas, as well, so, along with the girls from the TPA group we settled upon these themes:

And here are this week's nub nubs "dressed" in a heart pattern, using the Pantone Colors for 2016: Rose Quartz & Serenity. ^_^

Jan 8, 2016

Snowflakes on my nails! - BPS Stamping Plate BP-L032 Review

Happy New Year!!!

I want to start this year's first post by telling you that I had to cut my nails shorter than they've been for the past 3-4 months and that I absolutely love how they look! You weren't expecting that, were you? ^_^

But loooook! Aren't they adorable?

Anyway, this post isn't about how cute my short nails are, it's about the Birthday gift I received from bornprettystore.com : 

Because the post usually arrives late where I live, I received the parcel right after Christmas, and even though the plate is meant for X-mas, we still have a couple of months of winter (and it just started snowing in Romania) so I will use it as much as I can. :D

Today I have for you a review of the plate, it's named BP-L032 - Xmas Snowflake Nail Art Stamp Template Christmas Image Plate, and like the other plates I own from them (you can see the reviews here and here) was super easy to use. The snowflakes pattern was transferred perfectly onto the stamper and then onto my nails. 
Cleaning it was very fast and easy, as well, and I was impressed by how delightful stamping can be, with a high-quality plate. As I've said before, I haven't been disappointed by any of the BPS products, so far. :D
The price is very good, as well, only $5.99 for a big plate with loads of patterns to choose from.

The nail polishes I used are: Essence The Gel 33 Wild White Ways as a base, China Glaze - UV Meant to Be and Astor Laque Deluxe 595 VIP Silver for stamping, Flormar 392 to add a little sparkle.

I used the double stamping technique and the result was really magical, in my opinion. The snowflakes looked so cute in this color combo.

Here is a macro shot of my thumb nail, where you can see how perfect the design was transferred:

If you're interested in buying this plate, or, anything else related to nail art (and more), please visit Born Pretty Store's Nail Art Section and fill your cart with joy and items! Shipping is free, worldwide! ^_^

Also, don't forget! If you use this code: QYL91, you get 10% off for your purchase!

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