Dec 19, 2012

Getting the Christmas spirit

So... Christmas is almost here and this inspired me to do a simple manicure with pines and candy canes. I used some glitter and I think it turned out nice, considering the fact that I kind of rushed it. Enjoy! :)

Dec 18, 2012

Sparkly Magical Night

I recently bought some new nail polishes from Avon - a dark blue one, a glittery silver one and a silver one which creates mosaic effects. I loved them so much that I used them in a simple manicure, just to show how wonderful they look. The pictures don't do them justice, though...

Dec 12, 2012

Winter Wonderland

 This manicure was/is related to the first snow in Cluj this winter. I was so happy that I had to celebrate it somehow... Here is the result! ^_^

Nov 29, 2012

Psychedelic dream

I've been dreaming of painting my nails like this for quite a while and now I had the chance. 
I love how it turned out.
My boyfriend told me to try and make the black stripes because he thought they look better this way. 
I'm not sure about that, but I think they turned out pretty good in the end.
I didn't use the marble art technique because it's messy and it doesn't always turn out great. I painted my nails with a yellow base and afterwords I made stripes and shapes with different colors. 
Enjoy! ^_^

Nov 25, 2012

Cotton Candy Delight

I got a great shade of pink nail polish by Avon, from two of my greatest friends  for my B'Day and I wanted to try it as soon as possible. I didn't know what to match it with so I took a light blue nail polish by Miss Sporty ( which I got from another lovely friend, last summer) and I combined them into a manicure, about which my boyfriend says that it reminds him of babies ( baby boy blue and baby girl pink). ^_^

I added some rhinestones I also got or my B'Day and some pretty stars to make look more "my style".

Nov 19, 2012

My B'Day Nails!

Last week I celebrated my B'Day with some of my best friends. We had sweets, chips, pizza and my homemade cake with decorative kittens made from marzipan. It was fun! :D

Also, one of my friends is a great photographer ( you can see more of his photographs here: ) and he took some awesome pictures, including the one with my nails! :D

So, this is a double premiere for the blog - my first B'day celebration since I started the blog aaand the first picture of my manicure took by a professional photographer. Yaaay!

My manicure was inspired by the dress I wore and I used tones of grey, red and black. I also added some glitter to make it more similar to the dress. I hope you like it! ^_^

Nov 6, 2012

Halloween Part III - Bloody Stuff

Last Halloween related post for this year! :P
Sorry it took so long.
This is the manicure I wore at the Halloween party - I was dressed as some kind of alien/mutant/Cheshire cat - and this manicure seemed the best to fit the "theme". ^_^
This was the first time I cut my nails like claws ( and it will probably be the last time, as well) and it was very hard to keep them in "one piece", without breaking them, even though I kept hooking on clothes...
So.. here is the result!

P.S. The red bracelet in this picture is a gift from my best friend since high-school, Adri! *hugs*


Oct 30, 2012

Halloween Part II - Pumpkins & Cats & Ghosts, oh my!

As usual, when I find a manicure I like and I want to try it on my own nails, I.. well, not really fail, but, let''s just say I'm not very good at copying other person's manicures. Yay for creativity!  :|
Here is my inspiration: Mini Nail Blog
And here is the result:

             Enjoy! ^_^

Oct 29, 2012

Halloween Part I - Slime?! :D

This was my first pre-Halloween manicure!

I found the concept very interesting and I thought that the colors look really nice, combined like this. 
I painted the nails in one color, blue or purple and afterwards applied the black at the base of the nail. I finished by using a clear coat, spreading it from the base of the nail to the top, which, on the freshly applied paint created the slime effect.
Enjoy! ^_^

Oct 18, 2012

Autumnal Nails

I've been wanting to do an autumnal manicure for a looooong, long time and now I found the perfect one so I had to paint my nails this way ( well, nobody forced me but yes, I had to ^_^).

I found the design on a nail art site but couldn't find the creator so if you know who it is, please leave a comment and I will edit the post. Thank you! :D

Oh, and I also found a very cute watch with a cuuuute owl on it, that looked great with my manicure so... take a look! :D

Oct 5, 2012


This was one of my last summer-related manicures... *frowns*
I found a kiwi manicure on Google and that's where it all started.. my own FRUIT THEME!
I wanted a fun theme, colorful and bright which turned out looking pretty yummy. ^_^
The colors I used were bright and I tried to draw the fruits as accurate as I could, cut in half: apples, kiwis, blueberries, strawberries and watermelon slices.
Enjoy! :D

Here is a bonus photo with my manicure and Ale's (one of my best friends) nails! ^_^

Sep 27, 2012

Newspaper Fairytail

I'm a huge fan of the newspaper manicure. It's such a simple technique and it looks so good! ^_^
Here is a tutorial by Cutepolish:

For my nails I used an older newspaper and because the paper was very dry and the print was old, the letters didn't come out as in the tutorial. Some of them didn't stick to the nails at all so I decided to make the manicure a bit more "Fairytail-ish" by adding some stars and glitter where the letters weren't showing.
I think it turned out really nice for an improvisation. :)

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures...

Sep 21, 2012

Mary Poppins

     I've recently watched the Mary Poppins movie and it reminded me of my childhood and how nice and simple everything was back then. *daydreams*
     Soooo I decided to try and paint my nails as a tribute for this wonderful story and for the great actors that gave life to some of my favorite characters of all time... :)
     Here is what I managed to come up with: 

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