Jul 31, 2013

The Polishes Challenge: 11. Ugliest/ Cea mai urata

Wednesday again! :D

Today I have to show you my ugliest nail polish. Since I don't really buy nail polishes that I don't like, it was very hard for me to choose one from my collection. However, one stood out. Avon Speed Dry Art Orange, which you can see here.

I never had problems with Avon nail polishes (maybe some were too transparent and needed three coats for complete coverage, but other than that I really like them) but this one is uneven, needs at least three coats and the color is simply hideous. I use it in nail art, for lines or drawings, but never alone.

Iar e Miercuri! :D

Azi trebuie sa va arat cea mai urata oja pe care o detin. Din moment ce eu nu cumpar lacuri de unghii care sa nu-mi placa, a fost destul de greu pentru mine sa aleg ceva din colectia mea. Cu toate astea, o oja a iesit in evidenta. Avon Speed Dry Art Orange, pe care o puteti vedea aici.

Jul 30, 2013

Collab: Sugar spun nails

Today is another collaboration day: Sugar Spun Nails!
One of the nail art bloggers, Alexantza, had this great idea and I didn't hesitate to put my name on the list!
(Btw, yesterday was her birthday, so... Happy B'Day!)

The technique is called "Sugar spun", it's usually used in the art of cake making, and it's not as complicated as it seems. It is, however as messy at is seems. ^_^
You can find a great tutorial here.

Anyway, here is what I came up with, enjoy! ^_^

Azi e din nou o zi cu o colaborare: Sugar Spun Nails!


Hey everyone!

This is more of an announcement than a post about nails, so no pictures.

I missed (shame on me) my blog's anniversary in June ( the 27th of June, to be more precise) and I decided to do something this month, to compensate.

Here are some of the things that will happen in the next few months:

  • The major change will be that fact that all the posts will be written in English and Romanian from now on. (starting with this post)
  • Another thing that I plan to change is the way that I communicate with you, the readers/fans. I want to make the blog and the Facebook page more interactive and fun.
  • More tutorials are on their way!
  • I will write nail care articles from time to time to keep you informed about the latest nail care techniques, tips and secrets that I find out about. (sources will always be mentioned)
  • There will be a Giveaway soon, so stay tuned!
That's about it for now, have a great day! ^_^


Aceasta postare este mai mult un anunt decat o postarea despre unghii, asa ca nu voi atasa poze.

Am ratat (sa-mi fie rusine) aniversarea blogului in Iunie ( 27 Iunie, mai exact) asa ca am decis sa fac ceva luna asta, ca sa compensez.

Acestea sunt cateva dintre schimbarile ce vor avea loc in urmatoarele luni:

  • Cea mai mare schimbare consta in faptul ca articolele de pe blog vor fi redactate atat in limba Engleza cat si in limba Romana, de-acum incolo. (incepand cu aceasta postare)
  • Un alt lucru pe care vreau sa-l schimb este modul in care voi comunica cu voi, cititorii/fanii. Vreau ca blogul si pagina de Facebook sa fie mai interactive si amuzante.
  • Vor fi mai multe tutoriale (tehnici de nail art aratate pas cu pas)!
  • Din cand in cand, voi scrie si articole despre ingrijirea unghiilor, ultimele tehnici, ponturi si secrete despre acest capitol. (sursele vor fi mereu mentionate)
  • Voi avea un Giveaway in curand, asa ca, fiti pe faza!
Cam asta e tot ce va pot spune acum, sa aveti o zi frumoasa! ^_^

Jul 24, 2013

The Polishes Challenge: 10. Most Expensive

Hello! It's Wednesday again! ^_^

This week I have the pleasure of showing you my most expensive untried nail polish: Sephora Full Moon Praty (62), a beautiful shade of blue (I call it "mermaid blue"), which I combined with my most expensive already tried polish: O.P.I. Get your number.

I love both nail polishes and I think they look very nice together. Here are my nails, tell me what you think! :D

Jul 20, 2013

Inspired by a T-shirt - Cats!

Hello nail art lovers!
This week has been a busy one for me - two collabs and a manicure inspired by a t-shirt (I'm strating to get into vaction mode *giggles* ).

I received this t-shirt last week, from my best friend since high-school and I absolutely love it! All of my friends know that I'm a cat person (some say that I've quite a bit of an obsession with cats) and this t-shirt got into my top 10 favorite clothes with the speed of a Formula 1 race car. :P

And now, I'll show you my nails...

Jul 19, 2013

Top 20 Nail Polish Favorites! (collaboration)

Hello fellow nail art lovers! Today I'm going to show you my top 20 nail polishes at this time. As some of you already know, I organized my stash last week and I counted 70+ nail polishes in my collection (you can see almost all of them here ). ^_^

The idea of showing you the top 20 nail polishes doesn't belong to me - a fellow nail polish addict, Georgia , came up with it, but me and some other bloggers embraced it with joy.

I can't say that this wasn't a challenge for me, even though I don't have as many nail lacquers as other nail art bloggers, but I tried to choose my favorite ones based on how much I use them and how they look on my nails. They are in a random order on my palette and will be presented by brands. ^_^

Ok, so that's my Top 20 palette. Now, for the nail polishes...

Jul 17, 2013

The Polishes Challenge: 9. Cheapest

Hey everyone! I don't have a lot of time to rant today but it's Wednesday so I have to show you a new untried polish of mine, the cheapest this time. ^_^

I have a lot of cheap nail polishes that I bought with 2 lei (Romanian currency) each, from Gabrini. Initially I wanted to show you a dupe for Ciate's Berry Poncho (Available in a Velvet nails kit) but my camera shows the color too red-ish... ( I found pictures on the internet with swatches for both, Gabrini 080 and Ciate Berry Poncho so you can see how similar they are.)

Anyway here are my nails, painted with Gabrini Summer Edition M111. Enjoy! ^_^

Jul 14, 2013

Salty nails - Crystallized Nail Art!

Hey everyone!
This weekend I managed to try something I've been wanting to do for quite a while: Crystallized Nail Art! I followed the steps from this tutorial and I'm quite happy with the result...
The only tips I can give you are:
a. use pastel colors or bright ones since the salt becomes white after it dries (no matter how many layers of top coat you use)
b. don't lick your nails... they're really salty :P

Jul 11, 2013

My nail polishes ^_^

Hello! ^_^

A few days ago I went to our local nail art boutique to see what new things they have and to buy some swatch discs. Lately I discovered that I have a lot of nail polishes (compared to my old stash, not to the other beauty bloggers' stashes)  and I can't keep track of them - I keep forgetting what shades I have, what colors I need and so on, therefore I organized them by colors, gave them numbers and ordered them in a big, colorful box. ^_^

Now I need to find something to do with all the rhinestones, caviar balls, velvet powder, stickers and whatever other nail art accessories that I own... -_-"

Anyway, till then, I wanted to show you my swatch discs and box of nail polishes :D

Jul 10, 2013

The Polishes Challenge: 8. Newest

Hello everyone! It's Wednesday and it's time for a new manicure from the Untried Polishes Challenge! ^_^
This week I went for a simple look since I had to use the newest nail polish I've bought - Astor Fashion Studio 136 - and because of the color of this nail polish - green - I could only think of fields and flowers.

I recently bought some delicate orange dried flowers from the local nail art boutique and I thought this was the perfect chance for me to use them. I had a bit of trouble sticking them to the nail but in the end I loved how the manicure turned out.

Anyway, enough with the ranting, here are some pictures:

Jul 7, 2013

Chalkboard nails

Hey everyone! ^_^
I have two manicures to show you today! Both were created using the "Chalkboard manicure set" from Ciate, a gift I got from my boyfriend for my graduation. ( yes, he's that awesome!) :D

I noticed that this kit has received many negative reviews but I'm quite happy with it. It doesn't last more than a day or two on my nails ( two days if I don't wash clothes or do the dishes and one day if I do chores) but I think that is alright since it doesn't have the consistence of a regular nail polish and you can't apply a long-lasting top coat.

Anyway, here is what I "designed"...

Jul 4, 2013

The Polishes Challenge: 7. Oldest - Almost in time

Hello everyone! ^_^

Sorry for the delay, I've been busy moving out of the apartment where I lived for the past 3 years and I had some packing to do. Anyway, without further introduction, here is the oldest nail polish that I own - 198 Azure from Rimmel London. Hope you'll like it! :D

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