Jun 27, 2015

Nail Art Marathon - 6.Lead-light

Hey there!

This Saturday is all about bright colors in sheer tints!
Oana's idea for this week was to use the lead-light technique and I did it... my way! :P

Since I don't have any stamping plate that have a pattern that would allow coloring inside,  I chose to draw some balloons and fill them with colors, as a festive thing for my classmates' graduation.

Jun 20, 2015

Nail Art Marathon 2015 - 4. Palm trees

Hello! :D

Summer's here, the weather's nice and warm, and this week's theme, which was Oana's idea, fits in perfectly: Palm trees! :D
Wouldn't you like to be a on a sunny beach, under a palm tree, sipping a yummy cocktail and reading your favorite book? I know I would...

Anyway, since I can't be next to a palm tree right now, I'll settle for the ones on my nails:

Jun 14, 2015

Nail Art Marathon 2015 - 3. Glitter placement

Hey there!

This week we have another challenge from Vanyna - glitter placement! :D
I really like the idea of playing with glitter, but I don't have a lot of inspiration these days, so I went with something simple, matte and glittery at the same time. ^_^

I did spice it up with a few studs from Born Pretty Store, and I think it looks pretty good, in the end.

Jun 9, 2015

Glow in the dark nails - Essence Rock Out!! Top coat - review

Hello everyone!

Today I want to show you a manicure I wore for almost two weeks (11 days) because I loved it that much! It's one of the most fun and awesome manicures I've done in a while and I still can't bring myself to erase my nails. *blushes*

I recently acquired a new glow in the dark nail polish (actually, a top coat) from Essence, the "Rock out!!" collection, called "01 Biggest Fan" and I was thinking of a good way to use it.

The writing on the bottle says that the nails would get a milky touch from it, so, of course, I had to try it over a few different colors to see what the result looks like. It gives a gray-ish touch over a back nail polish, but it's barely noticeable over red, pink and light blue. Of course, it works best over a white base.

Jun 7, 2015

Nail Art Marathon 2015 - 3. Neon Nails


It's Saturday Sunday and I'm going to show you this week's challenge, chosen by Vanyna - neon nails!

When I first saw the list of themes I thought "OMG! I need to start buying more polishes!" since I only remembered having two neon nail polishes. To my surprise, when I checked my collection, I noticed a lot of polishes I had forgotten all about (shame on me, neglecting my "babies" in such a way!). Finding so many neon colors gave me a new idea than what I had initially planned to do on my nails. Here is the result:

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