Apr 23, 2016

April's Nails Challenge - Pretty in Polka Dotts

Hello, nail art lovers!

What's new? How have you been?
This week was tiring and frustrating for me, and I managed to break a nail, as well, so I had to file all of them down, a bit. My manicure for thsi theme was done since last week, but I went to bed right after doing it and woke up with the worst smudged nails, ever! I only found time ro redo them after I filed them down and even though I did not keep all the original elements, I like how it turned out.

The theme, as you can see, it " Pretty in Polka Dots", so I chose to mix polka dots with flowers and a lady Polar Bear that feels pretty, since yesterday was Earth Day.

The manicure is very simple since I've only used two nail polishes and some stickers. The bear was painted with the same nail polish as the soft gray nails and some black nail polish for the eyes and face.

The whole "design" took about 15-20 minutes and it's super easy. I did the polka dots using my slimmest dotting tool and attached the flowers using Top coat.

The nail polishes I used are:

- Essence - Soft Metals - 49 Turn the lights on! - a soft grey colour
- Rimmel London - 60 Seconds 825 Sky High - a greenish blue 

Sorry for the bad quality of the last picture, I had to take it with my phone a few seconds ago, in baaad lighting. -_-"

Anyway, this was my manicure for the week; please tell me your opinion in the comments section and take a look at the other girls' manicures, by clicking the following links:

Have an awesome weekend and read you next week!

9 shared dreams:

Oana Alexandru said...

Super cute manichiura ta <3

Iovan Iulia said...

Vaaai ce dragalasenie de manichiura ai facut! <3

corina andreea said...

Wow, au iesit super <3 Ursuletul e tare dragalas :*

Deyutza said...

Uh ce dragalasi sunt ursuletii,Imi palce manichiura

Gabriela Bratu said...

imi place mult cum ai combinat temele! imi place culoarea, imi place intreaga manichiura, ce sa mai!

Manases Andrea said...

Foarte draguta si vesela!

Claudia Choice - claudiaschoice88.blogspot.ro/ said...

Atat de dragute sunt!

Ela's Dreams said...

O manichiura dragalasa

Ela's Dreams said...

O manichiura dragalasa

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