Dec 20, 2015

Nail Art Marathon 2015 - 31. Drip Nails

Are you ready for some Christmas themed nails? :D

Today we have a new new theme, this time "blame" Mihaela for the idea: drip nails! I've never tried this technique (properly) before, but I haven't done it today, either, haha! As usual, I adapted the theme to my preferences, and here you go... a dalmatian celebrating Christmas:

Coming from a cat person this is a bit surprising, eh? :D

As you can see, I only used the "drip" technique on one of the nails, each nail being unique.

The nail polishes I used are: Essence The Gel 33 Wild White Ways, China Glaze 182 Ruby Pumps and one of the new entries in my collection (thank you Secret Santa from work) - Revlon 732 Rebel Graffiti.

You probably know about the first two nail polishes on the list. I think every blogger that used Essence Wild White Ways had something positive to say about it - it's opaque, quick dry and long lasting, but don't get me started on China Glaze Ruby Pumps cause there are not enough words in the English vocabulary to describe it. As a colleague of my said: "It's like Christmas on my nails!". ^_^

Now, going forward, I want to tell you a bit about Revlon 732 Rebel Graffiti. It's a lovely matte, black and white glitter topper that looks awesome over any color. Unfortunately, unlike other glitter toppers I've tried, it has two minuses - you need a top coat over it because the glitter comes off easily and it doesn't protect the nail from chipping. After two days of wearing it, my nails were chipped, the glitter was falling apart and the nail polish underneath, was cracked. I will give it another try, but if the problem persists, I'll just have to use it on special, one day nail art, occasions.

What do you think about Pongo getting ready for Christmas? I'm sure you're all familiar with the famous Disney cartoon "101 Dalmatians" and I really hope that my little nail art resembles a dalmatian. I tried to get the features right, but since I have to use my left hand  to paint the only presentable nails I still have (you don't want to see how tiny my nails are, after they broke) this was the best I could do. Of course, I used acrylic paint. :D

I hope you enjoyed reading my post and looking at my nails! ^_^
Now, let's see the pretty paint drops on these girls' nails:

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Manases Andrea said...

Cute mani's rule! Foarte mult imi place ideea si catelusul!

Manases Andrea said...

Cute mani's rule! Foarte mult imi place ideea si catelusul!

Oana Alexandru said...

Awwww ce frumos,BIG LIKE <3

andra kat said...

vaai, cate de draguta e manichiura! <3
love it!

Ela's Dreams said...

Foarte interesanta si frumoasa interpretarea ta ador desenele animate 101 Dalmatieni, multumesc pentru ca ai ales sa participi la tema propusa de mine, te pup :)

Iovan Iulia said...

Super cute mani ai facut! <3 Imi place foarte mult :*

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