Feb 27, 2016

February's Nails Challenge - Gradient


Last Saturday of the month and, also, last challenge of the month are "finally" here and I want to show you one of my best gradients so far. I know there is still room for improvement, but, so far, this is still my favorite technique. ^_^

Feb 20, 2016

February's Nails Challenge - Fave Glitter

Hello, everyone! ^_^

How is your weekend going so far? I had a very interesting day, I went to a TEDx conference abot Myth Busting and it really was what it promised to be: a unique experience. :)

A unique experience (so far) was the one with this week's manicure, as well, haha, since even though I like glitter, I've never tried to add this amount on my nails before. Luckily, I remembered to put a peel-off base underneath which saved me from still peeling glitter off my nails all week.

Feb 14, 2016

February's Nails Challenge - Valentine's Day

Hello, everyone! Happy V'day!

This week was the week of lovebirds, filled with hearts, pink stuff and sweets. Really not my cup of tea. :))) Either way, I decided to join in "the fun" and create a somewhat Valentine's Day themed manicure. I went for something really simple, but cute:

Feb 6, 2016

February's Nails Challenge - Red

Hello everyone!

As I've promised on Thursday, today I'm showing you my nails again, this time in a more elegant manicure - a black/red matte ombre. The theme was "red" but I thought it was too boring so I decided to try this look instead.

The manicure is part of February's Nail Challenge:

Feb 5, 2016

Fairy on a branch

A post that's not on Saturday?! OMG! :))
Yes, shocking, isn't it?

The reason behind this post is that I decided to participate in a nail art contest held by Bombchelenails on Instagram. The contest's theme is "Enchanted" and all we had to do is paint something (freehand) which would represent it: fairy-tales, dragons, magic etc., on our nails. ^_^

Since I love anything that has to do with magic and fairies and fantasy, I couldn't skip this contest, so here are my nails:

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