Apr 27, 2015

Born Pretty Store - Color Changing Polish 103 - Review

Hello everyone!

Recently I have been contacted by Born Pretty Store to choose a bunch of nail art products from their site, test them and write some reviews. I found the idea very appealing since I've been drooling over their products for quite a while so I said yes. After a while I received my first package from them and the products I chose to review smiled at me from a pretty little pack: two stamping plates, a stamping nail polish and a color changing nail polish - I was so excited!

Today I am going to tell you my opinion about... dum dum duuuum! The color changing nail polish, which you can find here. ^_^

Click on the picture to enlarge it :D

Natural light

First of all I want to tell you a few details about the product, in general. 

What the site says about the product:
"A new color-changing polish and no fade, no cracking!
It changes pigment depending on body temperature and chemistry.
You shall see the polish work its magic that the fingertip comes of darker color then the 
other part of nails when your nails under a cold air condition.
Professional quality nail polish ingredients which give glossy and long-lasting nail color.
Allow you to create beautiful nail designs in short time.
Good colors for all occasions."

What I think about the product:
  • I have the blue/purple color changing polish (no. 103) and since my room is facing the sun all day, it's pretty warm, so, inside the bottle, the nail polish looks blue all the time. It's a very nice shade of light blue or baby blue which turns purple when it's placed in a colder environment. 
  • The change of color is very obvious and I kept playing with my nails in warm/cold water just to see it merging from blue to purple and back. ^_^ I even "annoyed" a few people (you know who you are) with this when I was feeling cold. :)))
  • The nail polish is easy to apply and becomes opaque and shiny in two coats. It also dries really fast, in less than a minute, so I advise you to apply it quickly, to avoid streaks on the first layer. The second layer blends in beautifully and evens up on its own almost magically. Seriously. I loved that!
  • I didn't know how a top coat would affect the nails so I didn't use any. Surprisingly (in a good way), the nail polish lasted on my nails for a week without chipping at all and the colors kept changing so the effect didn't ware off at all! :D Here is a picture of my nails after a week:

Natural light

How the nail polish looks on the nails

Now I'll show and tell you how the nail polish actually works. ^_^

This is how the nail polish usually looks on my nails:

Natural light

The tips are a little darker than the rest of the nail because I have long nails and the free part of the nail is not in contact with my skin so it's a little colder.

The nails become all blue when it's really warm or they are in contact with warm/hot water:
Natural light

This is a transition picture, from warm to cold:
Natural light

As you can see, the color is a little darker than the shade in the bottle because I had just sunk my nails into cold water for a few seconds.

This is how the nails looked after I had my hands under a cold jet of water for about a minute:
Artificial light

As you can see the color is a light shade of purple, but the contrast with the light blue is very visible. 

Natural light

I really enjoyed wearing this nail polish on my nails, but wearing it simple is just not my thing so I did a water marble design on two nails (using other polishes that had similar colors) and added some star shaped rhinestones on the other nails. You can find awesome nail art products on the Born Pretty Store site. ^_^

Also, if you like this nail polish or see other awesome nail art products on their site, which you would like to purchase, use this 10% off coupon code: QYL91. :D

What do you think about this nail polish? Are you curious to try it? :D
Keep checking my blog for more reviews for Born Pretty Store products in the next few weeks!

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J.F Productions said...

The nail polish looks amazing, I love the way how it changes colour due to heat. I think it works perfectly with the marble effect she has used on her nails. The mixture of colours perfectly complements the look of the nail polish and works perfectly in natural light and unnatural. <3

Manases Andrea said...

Categoric imi doresc si eu aceasta oja. Schimbarea culorilor este vizibila si frumoasa! Imi place manichiura!

Oana Alexandru said...

Foarte frumoasa oja.....si manichiura......superba,sambata o sa fi experta,pup <3

Kinga Curelea said...

Foarte frumoasa. Vai cat de mult imi place! Am si pus-o pe lista :)

Kinga Curelea said...

Foarte frumoasa. Vai cat de mult imi place! Am si pus-o pe lista :)

Hamida H said...

whoa, sexy one! I'll try this store <3

Hamida H said...

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