Jul 19, 2012


Okay, so a few weeks ago I was "corrupted" by my boyfriend to play Pokemon on some site.
The game was very catchy and I ended up playing it even more than him for the past few days.

Anyway, he also suggested I should make a Pokemon theme for my nails. At first I thought it would be impossible, but, in a few hours, after many tries I managed to come up with what you can see...

I only painted 4 pokemons: Charmander, Pikachu, Squirtle and Jigglypuff  because my nails are small and it is complicated for me to draw without some good brushes - I really need to buy some.

Since I don't use fake nails, it was harder to paint the ones on the right hand, but I think I did a pretty good job for a beginner in the art of nails... ^_^

Here is a close-up with the drawings:
The pokeballs were very easy to paint and I really like how they turned out, as well.

Bye bye! ^_^

Jul 11, 2012

Beach Nails

It's summer... It's hot... I'd really like to go to the beach, but I'm not sure I will be able to go there this summer... Oh well...

 That's why I decided to paint my nails similar to how a beach is - palm trees, hot sand, warm salty water and the sun shining bright above them all... *day dreams*

I used different shades of blue, green and yellow and a little golden glitter to resemble the grains of sand...

I also tried to create waves, to make the nail art look more dynamic. I think they turned out pretty well. ^_^
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take pictures right after I finished my manicure so the tips of my nails were a bit scratched and the polish went off, but, all in all they still look pretty good...

Enjoy! ^_^

Jul 4, 2012

Garden nails

In the weekend I helped my parents a bit in the garden and the plants inspired me to paint this set of nails...

The colors are bright and the shapes are like crawling plants with small flowers (dots). I also used a little glitter to make it look like they have spines. :)

For the green/aqua nails I used a combination between Green Park and Urban Turquoise from Maybeline and I used Avon's Color Trend - Ice Sheers as a top coat to make them a bit more pearly.
For the other nails I used Urban Coral from Maybeline and a shiny top coat from the same brand. 
The lines and shapes were made with special nail art polishes from Umbrella ( No. 20 and 25). I used a thin brush and I let my imagination flow... ^_^

I think they turned out pretty well for how "much" effort I put into them... :)

P.S. A huuuuuuuuge "Thank you!" goes to my boyfriend for lending me his phone to take pictures of the nails... ^_^

Jul 1, 2012

Black & Pink

Hello! ^_^

This is a manicure I had a few weeks ago, when I spent a full weekend with my boyfriend. As a result, my nails were influenced by the fact that he was with me... *blushes*

I rarely paint hearts on my nails, but I often use the french manicure in different color combinations - it's easy and looks nice. 

I love the combination between dark pink and black because it's the way I picture punk music ( one of my favorite music genres) and I find it very dynamic. :)

I used Dark Chocolate and Bubblicious from Maybeline, my favorite nail polish brand at the moment. 

 As usual, my nails are different on each hand, but I like how they turned out. :P

This is my last post with pictures from my stack, since I have changed my manicure today and I will take some pictures tomorrow.  Bye bye! ^_^

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