Jun 25, 2016

June's Nail Challenge - Neon

Hello, nail art lovers!

How are you coping with the summer heat? Are you the type that goes out and gets their skin tanned or the "me" type that stays indoors painting their nails? No matter which type you are, today's manicure should suit both.

Every summer I get my neon colors out and use them a looot... I go neon and on and on... :P This summer will probably be the same so.. let's get started!

Jun 19, 2016

June's Nail Challenge: I scream For Ice Cream!

Olla! ^_^

It's been really hot outside lately, don't you think? Hmm.. what would we need to cool down a bit? A drink, maybe a bath in the pool... a fresh lemonade...or ice cream? Well, I, for sure, scream for an Ice Cream when having to deal with this hot weather!

The girls from The Polish Addict had the same idea so, this week, without further introduction, we have... ICE CREAM NAILS!

Jun 12, 2016

June's Nail Challenge - Sea Beauty

Hello, nail art lovers!

Here I am - on time, this time (hihi) - with a new post from June's Challenge: Sea Beauty. I really love the sea and I miss it a lot, so I thought about what I love most about it and tried to reproduce that on my nails.

My manicure is simple, but I believe it turned out beautiful.

Jun 7, 2016

June's Nail Challenge - Hello, Summer!

Hello, nail art lovers!

Sorry for the delay, again, but I just got my laptop from service and I had an extra busy weekend: two of my friends got married. The wedding was lovely and I will show you the nails I had to match my dress.

Anyway, back to our weekly theme. Last week we said "Hello, Summer!" with vibrant colors and nice patterns, gradients and whatnot. My choice was to mix three colors and create something similar to the splatter nail art.

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