Jan 26, 2013

Blue and silver dream

Hello! Last week I decided to try the "Saran Wrap" nail art technique by applying silver polish over blue nails  and using a piece of crumpled paper to make it look cracked and to blend the two colors a bit. You can find more details about this technique on YouTube. Enjoy! ^_^

What I used:
Avon - Colortrend Silver Plated Y3312, Nailwear pro+ Inky Blue Y1952
Flormar - 437 Spring & Summer
Rimmel - 60 seconds 740 clear
Farmec - 360

Jan 19, 2013

Colors! Colors everywhere!!!

The weather is pretty dull, foggy and all that so I decided that my nails should bring up some colors and happiness all around. Here they are! ^_^

What I used:
- Miss Sporty - 455 Clubbing
- Maybeline - Mini Colorama 52 Dark Plum
- S-he Style Zone - 115 White
- Avon - Speed Dry + Orange, Nailware Pro + Baby Pink
- Flormar - 437 Spring & Summer
- Moyra - 605 - Pastel Shades
- Rimmel - Lasting Finish 055 Sunshine, 60 seconds 740 clear
- Oumaxi - acrylic paint

Jan 9, 2013


I recently bought some acrylic paint and some new brushes and I wanted to try them on something colorful and bright so I could really see how they are. My best option was a manicure I've been wanting to do for quite a while (October) and didn't get the chance... So.. I did it now. Twice. :D
It's up to you to choose which you prefer and why not... try it yourself... :)
Enjoy! ^_^

Jan 5, 2013


Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures... ^_^

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