Dec 31, 2014

Autumn And Winter Holidays Challenge - 10. New Year's Eve

Last manicure of the year! I'm so excited! ^_^

This manicure is part of the collaboration that started in October but I wasn't able to participate in, due to the number of classes I had to attend and other events. I did, however, participate in the first two challenge - the Halloween manicure - with which I won a contest on another blog, and the falling leaves theme - but I abandoned afterwards (not proud).

Anyway, the manicure I want to show you today is inspired by fireworks and their pretty colors. ^_^
I've always loved fireworks and I probably always will admire them (from a safe distance, since I'm a very self-conscious scaredy cat).

Dec 30, 2014

Shiny textured holiday nails

Hello everyone!

Today's manicure is inspired by the movie "Frozen" and includes a short review of one of the new Avon nail polish collections, called "Stardust". The shade I have is called "Teal Glitter" and, in my opinion, resembles Elsa's dress's color. :D 

Anyway, I used this nail polish in a combination with one of my new favorites - Astor VIP Silver - and created a design on one of the nails, using nail art tape. 

Dec 24, 2014

Christmas - Sweater nails ^_^ (mini tutorial)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Today I will show you the manicure I am wearing this Christmas and a mini tutorial for it. :D
The design is pretty common (you can find it on most X-mas themed sweaters) but I've been wanting to try it for a very long time and had a little free time now. ^_^

I used a metallic Ciate nail polish that looked golden on my nails but silver in the bottle and in the pictures (weird) and my favorite red, textured, nail polish from Essence (bottle's nearly empty).

The result came out pretty nice so I decided to make a tutorial for it as well, in case anyone would like to try it and doesn't find enough inspiration on Google... :P

Dec 21, 2014

Blue french

I'm pretty sure this year's color, in my case, was blue. :))) I used shades of blue in so many combinations! You can find some of them here, here and here

Back to the topic now... blue french... I've had this manicure in my mind for so long!!! But my nails were always too short. Last week I said I would give it a try and.. voila! ^_^

Dec 18, 2014

Pastel winter

Hey everyone!!!! 
First of all, I'm sorry for my absence but my schedule was pretty busy these two weeks and I wore the same nails for a very long time (I'm surprised they didn't chip at all). 
Second, today I will show you a manicure that I love and will probably recreate sooner or later. Even my mom, who usually disapproves of my nail art, thought they look pretty and asked me to recreate it on her nails... twice! *shocking*

Anyway...... Ta-dah! My nails! :D

Dec 1, 2014

Hello winter!

Hello everyone! :D 
Today is, officially, the first day of winter! Yay!

I wanted to celebrate this day with a manicure inspired by my favorite season, but, unfortunately the weather here is still closer to autumn. Bummer. Anyway, I came up with a "solution"- I asked Jake (who else? :P) to give me a nail art idea that marks the transition from autumn to winter and he told me to use both rain & snow in a combination.

This is what ended up on my nails:

Nov 27, 2014

No name Hello Kitty nail polishes - swatch & review

Post number 150! Woohoo!!! :D

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to show you two of the cutest "no name" nail polishes I own and their swatches. I'll also share my experience with them, making this post a premier - my first review! :D

Ok, so, these are the newest additions to my nail polish collection - two adorable  nail polish bottles shaped like Hello Kitty' face but which have nothing to do with the Sanrio brand. The colors are named Blueberry 13 and Rose 12  ( I also own a red one, Rose 03, which you will see in another post pretty soon) and they are supposed to smell like well.. blueberries and roses. :)))

The pink bottle had a little sticker on the back with the list of ingredients and the statement "Made in China" written on it, but I couldn't find a brand name or any other information on it. 

Nov 20, 2014

Birthday Giveaway winner! [RO only]


Dupa cum am promis, anunt azi castigatoarea Givevaway-ului de ziua mea. :D

Aceasta e lista persoanelor participante (din pacate am descalificat 3 persoane). a ales castigatoarea cu numarul... 13! Felicitari Madalina Iordache! :D

Va multumesc mult tuturor pentru participare si va mai astept pe blog! ^_^

Nov 12, 2014

B'Day nails! ^_^ + Giveaway (RO only)

Hello everyone! :D
Today is my B'Day and I decided to show you one of my favorite manicures and host a RO only giveaway! Scroll down for details!

This week I want to show you the manicure I wore at my b'day party. It was super bright and colorful and it boosted my mood all weekend. :D

I finally got to use a glitter I bought from Spain last year... and I love it! :D

 For this manicure I used that "dry water marble" technique - dabbed some polish on a piece of plastic and used a toothpick to mix the colors, let it dry and then cut decals for my nails which I "glued" using clear nail polish. afterwards I added the glitter and... ta-daaah! :P


And now about the giveaway! :D Romanian only... sorry -_-


Acest giveaway este organizat cu ocazia zilei mele de nastere si inscrierile vor dura o saptamana (perioada 12.11.2014 - 19.11.2014).
Extragerea castigatoarei va fi facuta cu ajutorul si va fi anuntata pe blog si prin e-mail in data de 20.11.2014.


Premiile au fost cumparate de mine, special pentru acest giveaway. ^_^

Lac de unghii Miss Sporty Crush on you 064
Lac de unghii Miss Sporty 510
Lac de unghii Maybeline Colorama Stripped Nudes 228
Crema de maini Eveline cosmetics

Pasii pentru inscriere:

1. Sa dati like paginii de Facebook a blogului - aici
2. Like si share, pe Facebook, a pozei de concurs (in mod public) - gasiti poza aici
3. Sa urmariti blogul prin GFC (doar cele care au cont)
4. Sa urmariti blogul prin Bloglovin (doar cele care au cont)
4. Sa lasati un comentariu la aceasta postare cu numele de pe Facebook, link-ul de la share si numele de pe GFC si Bloglovin, impreuna cu o adresa de e-mail la care va pot contacta in cazul in care castigati. ^_^

Bafta! :D

Nov 8, 2014

Autumn and Winter Holidays Challenge - Falling Leaves

Hey there! This week's post is about leaves... falling leaves.

It wasn't really a theme that I enjoyed because I'm not the type of person that enjoys autumn and "all it's wonderful colors". :/ I like winter more. ^_^

Anyway, I was inspired by this picture:

Oct 31, 2014

Autumn and Winter Holidays Challenge - Halloween 2k14

Halloween is my second favorite holiday, after my birthday. Even though it isn't a tradition in my country, lately, people have started pseudo-celebrating it (they enjoy the dress-up part, but have no clue about the real meaning of the holiday).

Anyway, I had an idea about my Halloween manicure for quite a while, but it wasn't until 2 days ago that I actually managed to get it out of my head and on my nails. The result is... one of my favorite manicures this year. (strictly my opinion)

One of the bloggers I follow and admire, Oana, came up with a nice challenge for us, the "Autumn and Winter Holidays Challenge" which I have joined for two reasons:
1. It started with the "Halloween" theme ^_^
2. It has really cute themes :D

And, without further introduction, here is my Halloween - inspired manicure! :D

Oct 25, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter Z for... Zircon!

 The last week ... and letter... of our alphabet challenge has (finally?) arrived. It's been a nice challenge but I'm not sure I will participate in such a long one ever again.

The letter Z was a difficult one for me because the only word that came to my mind was "Zircon" and it got stuck in my head since the beginning of the collaboration. Even though my friends suggested other words like "zoo", "zebra", "zeppelin" or "zombie", I still stuck to my original idea.

Oct 18, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter Y for... Y :))

I wasn't feeling creative this week so I thought I would do a simple nail art design which involved the letter Y itself. I used nail art tape on a white base and dabbed blue nail polish over it. I liked the result but they were too simple for my taste do I changed my manicure after two days. ^_^

Here is a list of the other participants in the challenge:

Oct 11, 2014

Alphabet nail art challege - Letter X for... X-ray

This week's letter was quite a challenge, but I managed to find a way to do something a little more creative than my last manicure.
I used the word "X-ray" as an inspiration and some glow in the dark nail polish to give it a nice effect. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures while the nail polish was still glowing and a day after I did my manicure (or more likely the other night) the polish didn't glow on my nails anymore. :(

Oct 4, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter W for... wind! :D

"W" is for.. wind!

We had a really windy weather this month and the theme that I chose for this week really fit what was happening outside my window as well. :D

Sep 28, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter V for... vortex!

The letter "V" was one of the few letters that did not make me ask every person I knew about words that start with it and for inspiration afterwards. I had talked to my boyfriend (just for fun) about the option of him doing my nails and he said he would probably manage to do spirals (he doubts his artistic talent), so I instantly thought about the word "Vortex". 

I used that idea to create these nails:

Sep 20, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter U for... Undead (Hollywood Undead)

Late post, bla bla.
I had a very busy and wonderful month that ended with a trip to one of my favorite cities - London, about which I'll give you more details in a future post.

My first attempt or a manicure inspired by a word that starts with the letter "U" was a simple, gray manicure which should have suggested something urban - concrete & so on, but it was too plain to post so I decided to wait a bit more till inspiration hits me. This time, as many other times, my inspiration came from Jake who suggested the word "undead". Lately I've been listening to a lot of songs from one of my favorite bands, Hollywood Undead, so I have no idea why I couldn't come up with this myself. Yes, I'm pretty slow sometimes...

Anyway, you can find more details about the band here and what you should know about it (as in really important information!) is that there are 6 boys singing, and they wear masks inspired by their nicknames during their concerts.

Why should you know that? Well, because their masks were my inspiration for this manicure!

Sep 18, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter T for... Transformice! :D

Ok, so these posts are usually made on Saturdays and involve a list of other bloggers that participated in the collaboration, but this time I forgot to put my name on the list and it has been almost a week since the girls posted so I'll just show you what I did because I love how it turned out ^_^

My inspiration was a cute game called Transformice which I enjoy playing with my boyfriend :D

Sep 8, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter S for... spiders!

Two days late, not really fond of my manicure and with 0 inspiration to write a proper blog post, I present to you my manicure for the letter "S"... spiders!

Aug 30, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter R for... rain!

"Rain, rain,
go away.
Come again another day."

No, not really... I like rain. Actually, I love rain!
I feel happy when it rains and I really enjoy going out in the rain, as long as I don't have to use an umbrella. Now don't get me wrong, I like colorful umbrellas, and I know how useful they are, but... I hate using them. :/

Anyway, as you've probably noticed, today's post is about a manicure inspired by rain. After my darling (:*) suggested the theme I started thinking of how I could create something special on my nails, to emphasize how awesome rain really is. This is the result:

Aug 24, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter Q for... Quarter

Hey everyone!

This week's post is about a manicure I really like ( I mean really, really like and I'm incredibly proud of it) and I'v been pretty anxious to show you, even though my post is late. ^_^

My inspiration for this week was the word "quarter" and I thought a bit outside the box when doing my nails. I hope you'll like what turned out!

Aug 16, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter P for.. Poison

Soooo... letter P... poison!
Yeah... not much to say about this theme since it was a last moment idea (again). ^_^

I used a holographic nail polish as a base, then a matte top coat to obtain the smoky effect. I drew the vials using acrylic paint and the "poison" is painted using textured nail polishes. I love the color explosion! ^_^

The nails on my right hand are really short compared to my left hand but they're growing slowly so I decided to show them to you anyway. :D

And now... this week's disaster! :(
My thumb's nail broke in two, as you can see, and nothing from superglue to tea bags & clear nail polish could fix it... In the next posts you will see how it looks after I reconstructed it using gel.  (Temporary thing, until my natural nail grows back)

That's about it for today, I made the post on time (hooray!) so you can go and see what idea the other bloggers had! :D

Andra (pink bijoux) -

Aug 10, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter O... for Orphism

Short & Late post

My inspiration:
"The Orphists were rooted in Cubism but moved toward a pure lyrical abstraction, seeing painting as the bringing together of a sensation of pure colors. More concerned with the expression and significance of sensation, this movement began with recognizable subjects but was rapidly absorbed by increasingly abstract structures. Orphism aimed to dispense with recognizable subject matter and to rely on form and color to communicate meaning. The movement also aimed to express the ideals of Simultanism: the existence of an infinitude of interrelated states of being". (Source - Wikipedia)

My nails:

Check out what the girls did:

Aug 3, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter N for... Nemo! :D

Image source: Google

This is going to be a short post because I'm a bit late (had to post it on Saturday but I got distracted). The idea of painting something inspired by Nemo on my nails only came to me yesterday while talking to a special person (you know who you are :*) and after my previous manicure turned out to be a huge fail.

Jul 26, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter M for... mermaid!

“I think every little girl's dream is to be a mermaid or to see a mermaid. [When I was younger] I would go to the beach and cover myself in the sand. People from different cultures and centuries have the same idea of what mermaids are ... so that's maybe a cool thing to think about.”
― Emma Roberts

If you haven't figured it out yet (or read the title :P ) today's nail art was inspired by mermaids. One of my favorite cartoons as a child - and now - was (is) The Little Mermaid. I've watched it many times and kinda know a few of the songs by heart so a manicure inspired by it has been on my mind for quite a while.

My first thought for the letter M was "map" which turned into "marshmallow" and materialized as "mermaid" on my nails, in the end. (Yes, I do change my mind pretty often).

Jul 19, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter L for... ladylike & love

The letter "L" made me think of "love" at the beginning of the challenge, then, after some time, the word "lace" came to my mind - something more original, I thought - but this week I felt really in love (blame it on my boyfriend) and feminine (...) so I decided to do a ladylike manicure, inspired by the idea of love (pink, hearts, roses... bleah, getting too cheesy now :P ).

This is what turned out:

Jul 16, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter K for... Kite!


Sorry for being late with the post but I had a really busy week and I was too tired (hmm.. and bored shhh!) to write this post so I kept postponing it.

My inspiration for this week was a kite, but I initially tried painting a kaleidoscope image/shape/I don't know what to call it/picture on my nails (it did not turn out very well, but I might try again when I have more free time). ^_^

Aaaanyway, check the pictures out and tell me what you think?

Also, one of the things that kept me busy in the past week was an event held by the handmade community from my hometown. The community is called "Creative Hands" and they celebrated 2 years of existence. The event was really nice, with loads of contests, one of them being called "show your love for Creative Hands in a original way". For that I painted the community's logo on my nails (d'ooh, what else could I have done? :P) as you can see in the pictures below. ^_^

And this is the picture the girls from Creative Hands took at the event:

I'm gonna go check what the other bloggers did for this letter. Join me?
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Jul 5, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter J for... Jigsaw! :D

This week I've been playing around with themes and colors, trying to find something right for the theme. I thought about "Jade" (too monochrome for me), "Jasmine" (Disney, you're to blame for this!) or "Justice" (too much law school already) and, being puzzled, I settled for "Jigsaw" (pun intended :P ).

I used this tutorial (I couldn't find the source, I will update the post if I find it)

Jun 28, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter I for... Idea!

I was inspired to create this manicure, but I literally have no IDEA what to write here... I'll just leave you with the pictures... enjoy! ;)

Maybe the girls were more inspired to write something about their manicures as well. Wanna see? :D

Mădălina -
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