Jul 16, 2017

Saturday's Theme - Splatter

Hello, nail art lovers! :)

Today's theme is a really fun one, but... rather messy, I might say. Splatter nails look really cool but the effect is kinda hard to achieve.

Jul 8, 2017

Saturday's Theme - Holo

Hello, nail art lovers! ^_^

This week's theme is really fun and I couldn't wait to do my nails. I even bought some awesome holographic nail polishes and nail foil, however, my camera could not do them justice. 

Here are my holographic nails, that look quite simple, unfortunately:

Jul 1, 2017

Saturday's Theme - Beach

Hello, nail art lovers!

I really miss going to the beach and this week's manicure just intensified my feelings. I miss feeling the sand on my soles, the breeze in my hair and the water all around me, and I tried to give you a glimpse of how beautiful the sea is, by painting it on my nails. 

Jun 24, 2017

Saturday's Theme - Fruit

Hello, nail art lovers!

This week's theme is fruity and... sweet! I've had previous manicures inspired by fruit so this time I decided to change it up a bit. I present to you, my Piña Colada inspired nails!

Jun 18, 2017

Saturday's Theme - Unicorn

Hello, nail art lovers!

I was reeeeally looking forward to this week's theme, as I knew my manicure would turn out super pretty! :D And I am, indeed, very proud of the result!

This is the first time I painted a unicorn on my nails, as well as the first time I used nail foil from Born Pretty Store (#18, you can find it here) and I absolutely loved the result!

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