Jun 28, 2012

Happy Flowery Nails

Okay, so, for my first post I chose the manicure I am currently wearing, inspired by the fact that I finished my exams and I am finally in vacation... ^_^ Freedom!!!

I was really happy so I chose two colors and a flowery pattern ( easily made with a small stick or one of those special manicure things with round edges). I don't like my nails to be all alike so I draw freely instead of using stamps or stickers.

The Nail Polish I used was "Mini Colorama" from Maybeline - Party Blue and a combination between Dark Plum and French White ( I did not have light purple).

For the purple flowers I used the same brand - Dark plum, for the pink flowers I combined French White with Ultra Violet, for the white ones I used French White. For the dark blue ones I used Azure from Rimmel. :)

Top coat: Express Manicure from Maybeline.

The flowers are quite easy to make - just make four small dots like a clover and one more in the center. You can make more petals if you want, but I thought they looked cuter like this... ^_^ 

Also, I enjoy having a contrast between my nails so you will rarely see the same pattern on both my hands. It's a little random thing that defines my personality, I guess...

Anyway, I hope you like it and I'm sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, but until I get someone with a good camera to take pictures of my nails, my phone will have to do the job... *blushes*

I have a stack of photos  with other manicures  so there's more to come... 

Bye bye! ^_^

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