Jul 11, 2013

My nail polishes ^_^

Hello! ^_^

A few days ago I went to our local nail art boutique to see what new things they have and to buy some swatch discs. Lately I discovered that I have a lot of nail polishes (compared to my old stash, not to the other beauty bloggers' stashes)  and I can't keep track of them - I keep forgetting what shades I have, what colors I need and so on, therefore I organized them by colors, gave them numbers and ordered them in a big, colorful box. ^_^

Now I need to find something to do with all the rhinestones, caviar balls, velvet powder, stickers and whatever other nail art accessories that I own... -_-"

Anyway, till then, I wanted to show you my swatch discs and box of nail polishes :D

Please give me feedback on this post and tell me if you would like more posts about my nail polishes and nail art stuff! ^_^


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Jules313 said...

I love all of them Sophie, especially nr. 12...what is that shade called? xo

Miss Happy said...

Wow, super! Imi plac toate! Si cutia este adorabila! Insa mai bine pui sticlutele de oja sa stea drepte. Altfel risti sa se usuce oja in capac si iti va fi mai greu sa le desfaci. :*

Sophiesticat said...

You have it too, Jules... The dark blue one from Avon... :P

Sophiesticat said...

Multumesc pentru sfat! Nu m-am gandit la asta... Am sa incerc sa mai gasesc o cutiuta in care sa le pun frumos si pe celelalte... ^_^

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