May 13, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter B... for Bambi (wannabe)

Ok, so I'm late with the post... But there's a good reason for that!!! I umm... was away for a week, and even though I had my laptop and my camera with me, I wasn't able to use them - my camera's battery died and well, making a picture-less post on a nail art blog would have been weird...

"So yeah, here is my manicure - oh wait, you can't see it! Well... we have some green, brown..."

No. Anyway, taaa-daaaah! my manicure inspired by the letter B.... for Bambi! :D

I wanted to practice my drawing skills so I chose a cute cartoon as inspiration for this theme. The problem is that none of the "how to draw Bambi" tutorials I've found on the internet helped me so I improvised.

This was my first attempt. Goat-fox? :P

This was my second attempt. A slightly perverted female Bambi? XD

I drew them directly on my nail after a few failed attempts of making stickers (too big, too pointy, too foxy) but I'm not pleased with the result. Anyway, at least the deer skin and flowers seem to fit the theme. :))

I'm sure the other girls did a better job than me, let's go & see, shall we? ^_^

1. Iulia -
2. Andreea -
3. Andra -
4. Oana -
5. Mada -
6. Ana Maria -
7. Ella -
8. Kinga -
9. Madalina -
10. Oana -
11. Lavinia Monica -
12. Aby's World -
13. Mădălina -
14. Rita -
15. Alina -
16. Anca -
17. Mihaela -
18. Gabriela -
19. Andrea -
20. Carla -
21. Aby -
22. Ana's Beauty Blog -
25. Cristina D. -
26. Deyutza -

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Miss Happy said...

OMG! Inspiratia este foarte originala, iar manichiura ti-a iesit absolut minunat!

Oana Alexandru said...

oooooo cat e de frumushica <3 felicitari <3

Sophiesticat said...

Multumeeesc!!!! >:D<

M's Fashion Hour said...

Oh, such a lovely post! I love this kind of post, I can't get enough of them, haha:))!

I absolutely love your blog, you're doing such an incredible job here!
(By the way, maybe you want to check my blog, there you can find my first giveaway, maybe you are interested: )

Kisses and hugs,

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