Jul 1, 2012

Black & Pink

Hello! ^_^

This is a manicure I had a few weeks ago, when I spent a full weekend with my boyfriend. As a result, my nails were influenced by the fact that he was with me... *blushes*

I rarely paint hearts on my nails, but I often use the french manicure in different color combinations - it's easy and looks nice. 

I love the combination between dark pink and black because it's the way I picture punk music ( one of my favorite music genres) and I find it very dynamic. :)

I used Dark Chocolate and Bubblicious from Maybeline, my favorite nail polish brand at the moment. 

 As usual, my nails are different on each hand, but I like how they turned out. :P

This is my last post with pictures from my stack, since I have changed my manicure today and I will take some pictures tomorrow.  Bye bye! ^_^

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