Jul 4, 2012

Garden nails

In the weekend I helped my parents a bit in the garden and the plants inspired me to paint this set of nails...

The colors are bright and the shapes are like crawling plants with small flowers (dots). I also used a little glitter to make it look like they have spines. :)

For the green/aqua nails I used a combination between Green Park and Urban Turquoise from Maybeline and I used Avon's Color Trend - Ice Sheers as a top coat to make them a bit more pearly.
For the other nails I used Urban Coral from Maybeline and a shiny top coat from the same brand. 
The lines and shapes were made with special nail art polishes from Umbrella ( No. 20 and 25). I used a thin brush and I let my imagination flow... ^_^

I think they turned out pretty well for how "much" effort I put into them... :)

P.S. A huuuuuuuuge "Thank you!" goes to my boyfriend for lending me his phone to take pictures of the nails... ^_^

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