Oct 11, 2014

Alphabet nail art challege - Letter X for... X-ray

This week's letter was quite a challenge, but I managed to find a way to do something a little more creative than my last manicure.
I used the word "X-ray" as an inspiration and some glow in the dark nail polish to give it a nice effect. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures while the nail polish was still glowing and a day after I did my manicure (or more likely the other night) the polish didn't glow on my nails anymore. :(

I really like this nail polish, only after a few uses it got very thick. I wasn't expecting it to 

It's not very visible in the pictures, but I used a small amount of white acrylic paint to create a little shading specific to x-rays and some neon green nail polish for the nail to look more authentic. :P

I tried to take a picture of the glow in the dark nail polish, in the dark, and this is what it looks like on camera (my camera isn't very good and I wan't sure how to take the picture, but I assure you that the polish looks the same as in the bottle on the nails, as well).

You should check out what the girls did, as well! :D

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Oana Alexa said...

Super idee felicitari <3

Madalina I. said...

Foarte frumoasa idee ai avut,foarte frumos interpretata iar ideea cu oja glow in the dark geniala!

Deyutza said...

aaa ce tare , nici prin gand nu mi-a trecut tema asta

Ela's Dreams said...

geniale :)

Ana Maria said...

Foarte tare ideea ta! Arata super!

Rita said...

Ai avut o idee stralucita, iar manichura e mega faina ;)

J.F Productions said...

Looks awesome! :D :*

lorenamarchis said...

Arata bine, imi place! :)

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