May 16, 2015

Nail Team Challenge – Rock Style

Hello everyone!

This week I am going to show you the last manicure created during the Nail Team Challenge, one that represents me best and was Ana Maria's idea: rock style.
I define myself as a rocker because I mostly listen to rock music (my first choice when it comes to music) and my style is one assimilated to rock culture: mostly black clothes and rock/punk accessories. I know, you wouldn't think that after seeing my nails and the blog's theme. :))))

Anyway, since last week I showed you a studded manicure and studs are known o be a symbol of the rock style, today I wanted to present you something different - three of my favorite rock bands' logos. 

The bands I chose to represent on my nails are:


Disturbed has always been one of my favorite bands. Their logo is "a combination of four religious emblems: the Jewish Star of David, the Christian Cross, the Wicca star, and the Islamic Crescent Moon. The combination of these symbols was meant to represent unity". (Source - Wikipedia)

Hollywood Undead

I have discovered Hollywood Undead only a few years ago, but have been obsessing over it since then. I find their songs very powerful and the messages they send through their lyrics very true. I have dedicated them a manicure here, a while back.
"The symbol they use for the band is called the Dove & Grenade, a dove holding a grenade in it's talons. They wear awesome masks every time they perform and each of them has an alias nickname they go by." (Source - Urban Dictionary).


I think Korn was one of the first rock bands I've ever listened to, on my own. I recall seeing one of their song videos on TV and being very frightened and fascinated by it. I am not so sure about the meaning of their logo or how the band found its name - there are many stories over the internet, but this is what I found out: << The logo was designed by lead vocalist Jonathan Davis. Silveria explained, "the music makes the name, because Korn's a dumb name. But once we get established, it makes the name cool.">> (Source - 

The nail polishes I used are black and white from Farmasi and one of the newest additions to my collection: China Glaze - Bump in the night. I have been craving for this nail polish since it appeared and I am so happy that I finally have it! :D

The logos are painted using acrylic paint.

I didn't want to leave my left hand's nails simple so I wrote the word "ROCK" on two nails. I like how it turned out. :D

I should say that I'm sorry for the long and personal post but I really, really like the outcome. I think my nails truly represent me. 

Please check what the other girls chose to do for the last challenge of this collaboration:

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Oana Alexandru said...

Foarte frumos model ai facut <3

J.F Productions said...

these are awesome honey! smashing job! :D I cant not wait too see more keep up the epic work! :*:*<3

andrakat said...

uh, imi place foarte mult manichiura ta!
korn ascultam in adolescenta, distrubed inca mai ãre cateva piese pe mp4. eu sunt obsedata de serj tankian/ soad :D

Andreea M. said...

WOW!! Superba manichiura ta. Nu puteai sa abordezi mai bine aceasta tema. Pasarea celor de la Hollywood Undead ti-a iesit minunat!!

Felicitari. pupici

Deyutza said...

ce frumos ..rock rulls :)

Ana Maria said...

Uuuu, cat de rock! Korn am ascultat si eu.

Manases Andrea said...

Foarte originala si creativa manichiura intodeauna de fapt :) Imi place interpretarea ta!

Ela's Dreams said...

Nu stiam ca esti o mica rockerita , foarte frumoasa interpretarea ta :)

Butterfly said...

Au iesit foarte bine...pasarea e super tare ;)

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