Mar 14, 2015

Nail Team Challenge - Retro manicure

Retro nails! Iulia's idea really sounded like a challenge at first but after looking at some retro patterns on the web, inspiration "hit" me - dots! :D I know it's not a very original idea, but it was the best I've got and I kinda like the result. ^_^

 The pictures' quality isn't that good because the sun refused to show up this week and even when it did, the colors seemed to fade in natural light. On my middle finger's nail the color is actually a nice shade of purple, not that weird gray...

I wanted to add some bows to my manicure but I didn't have any 3D accessories so I improvised. The "bows" are made out of two heart-shaped nail decorations and a pearl rhinestone. ^_^ 

I used a matte top coat to create a silky effect, silk being one of the fabrics that give me a retro vibe, for some reason. :P

On my left hand I wasn't in the mood to create two more bows so I kept my nails simple & dotty until yesterday, when Laura told me about a contest organized by Tip Top Nails - South Africa. The theme was "Let's get dotty" and one of the rules was to have a shape made using dots/ a dotting tool, on our nails. I made mini hearts using the dotting tool included in the pictures. :D

These pictures were taken in artificial light but the purple still looks gray-ish. :(

The polishes I used are: Astor Fashion Studio 136 & 004 (Deliciously violet) - you can also see them here, Farmasi 12, Flormar light Summer LS08 and Moyra Bubble Gum 628 Jelly Bean.

Are you ready to see what the girls had in mind for this week's challenge? :D

1. Iulia B. -
2. Oana -
3. Mihaela -
4. Teo -
5. Andrea -
6. Mădălina -
7. Madalina -
8. Rita -
9. Kinga -
10. Iulia Maria -
11. Ella -
12. Deyutza-
13. Alyce -
14. Andreea M -

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Andreea M. said...

Evident ca buline- buline cute!!

Ador manichiura asta :X

Madalina I. said...

Cele mai frumi bulinute <3

Oana Alexandru said...

Vaaaiiii ce draguteeeee,girly mani <3

Iovan Iulia said...

Sunt foarte dragute!Buna ideea cu fundita :*

Teodora Dobre said...

felicate si finute!!awww..le ador <3

Kinga Curelea said...

Ambele maini arata impecabil. Imi place nespus de mult modelul tau!

Deyutza said...

uhh ce frumos.. funditele tare e dragalase

Iulia B. said...

your dots are really pretty, just so you know it! Kisses, Andra. :*

J.F Productions said...

they look pretty cool honey <3

Manases Andrea said...

Poate fi o manichiura mai cute? Eu zic ca nu! Imi place mult alegerea culorilor iar accesoriul creat de tine arata genial!

Sophiesticat said...

Multumesc tare mult pentru aprecieri! Thank you! ^_^

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