Mar 21, 2015

Nail Team Challenge - Water Decals

Iiiiiiiit's Saturdaaaaaay!!! :D

Time for a new blog post! ^_^
I keep telling myself that I should post more often but I just don't seem to find the time for this right now so I keep postponing. Anyway, I'm lucky that the other lovely nail art bloggers keep creating challenges with fun themes that I can join and that way I get to do my nails at least once a week. Yay! :P

Enough chit-chat, I should start talking about today's challenge, which was Deyutza's idea - Water decals!I rarely use this type of stickers/tattoos because I like painting freehand, but I did have some super cute water decals from a nail art contest I won and I really wanted to use them this spring. ^_^

Aren't they just adorable???
I love those little houses and the details the artists added to them to make them so cute! These water decals remind me of the original Polly Pocket houses, the ones I had as a child (and still have them in the attic) and used to play with for hours on end. I'm pretty sure some of the girls still remember them, since they were a huge thing in the '90s.

Back to the nails now. :P 
I used three of my brightest nail polishes - Ados nr. 636 (blue), Pacific Rapsodi nr. 14 (pink) and Rimmel London 60 seconds nr. 816 - Green eyed monster - as bases for the super cute water decals. I love how bright and happy this manicure turned out! <3

The "crayons" you see in the pictures are my vibrant oil pastels, a gift from my best friend from highschool, Adri. I love drawing and coloring on paper as well, not just my nails, so these pastels deserve to be on the blog as well. ^_^

Check out what water decals the other bloggers used :D

Andra (pink bijoux) -

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andra kat said...

wooa, ci dragute sunt!! <3

Oana Alexandru said...

Super cute <3

Madalina I. said...

Sunt foarte frumoase unghiutele,imi plac la nebunie!!

Deyutza said...

ccee vesele si dragalaseee sunt

Pink Bijoux said...

Sunt superbe. De la departare, zici ca sunt "outze" de Paste <3
Te pup! :*

Miha Ella said...

Cât de vesele sunt unghiuțele tale! Foarte simpatice.

Alina Andreea said...

Ce dragute sunt unghiutele tale! <3

Manases Andrea said...

Foarte vesela si chiar adorabila manichiura ta!

J.F Productions said...

Super cute honey. :):* <3

Mônica Rosa said...

So cute!!!!!!!

Sophiesticat said...

Multumesc pentru aprecieri! Thank you! ^_^

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