Apr 5, 2015

Nail Team Challenge - Degrade

Hello! ^_^
My post is a little late because I felt ill yesterday, but I wore this manicure on my nails throughout the week and I absolutely loved it. The idea belongs to Alina and it's one of my favorite challenges so far. I don't know if you've noticed, but, during the Nail Team Challenge, I had quite a few gradients on my nails. *blushes*

And here are my nails! :D
Last week the weather here was very weird - sunny in the morning, snow at noon and rain for the rest of the day, so my pictures were taken indoors whenever I could catch a glimpse of sun.

The design is very simple. I created a gradient using two of my favorite nail polishes - Avon Nailwear Pro+ Decadence and Rimmel London I <3 Lasting Finish 198 Azature, over which I aplied a shimmer from O.P.I. - Nothin' Moussie 'Bout It. 

I added a cute firefly and a mini flower (stickers) that matched the colors on my nails because I couldn't leave the design that simple. ^_^

I think this is one of my best gradients so far. I love the vibrant colors and how they go together and I think that the pink shimmer makes them look enchanted. :D

I'm glad that my nails have grown a bit and I have more room to start painting on them again. I have a few surprises in store for you during the next challenges and for Easter. ^_^

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Oana Alexandru said...

Foarte frumos a iesit,superba combinatie,pup <3

Deyutza said...

flututrasul arata tare bine in aceasta combinatie

Manases Andrea said...

Unghiutele tale sunt foarte frumoase astfel mai lungi, iar degradeul este una extrem de reusita, culorile se potrivesc foarte bine.

Teodora Dobre said...

Ce dragalase sunt! <3 pupici

J.F Productions said...

Honey these look super amazing! Keep up the cool work! I enjoy all of your masterpieces <3

Sophiesticat said...

Multumesc pentru aprecieri! Thank you! ^_^

Kinga Curelea said...

Wow! Love it! Arata minunat!

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