Sep 20, 2015

Nail Art Marathon 2015 - 18. Saran Wrap

Another week, another theme! This time we have another one of Iulia B.'s ideas - saran wrap. 
I have tried this technique before, and, you can actually find a tutorial posted by Laula on our Facebook page. 

What I like most about saran wrap is that you can get unique designs every time, even form one nail to the other and you can create both funky and elegant manicures. Mine is a bit of both, and you'll see why if you look down. ^_^

I'm attending a wedding this weekend and I wanted my nails to match my outfit so I went with the dominant shade of blue from the dress and the glitter that matches my accessories. ^_^

The nail polishes I've used are: Golden Rose Paris 88, Essence 121 Gold Fever and Avon Gold Vision. I love the gold & blue color combo and I think it looks elegant.
Of course, I could not restrain myself from giving the manicure my personal touch, by adding cute water decals of a cartoon who's name I can't remember (help me, maybe?).

I'll leave you with two more pics and the list of girls that participated this week. Don't forget to check out their lovely nails and have a great weekend!

Andra Kat -

6 shared dreams:

Oana Alexandru said...

Foarte frumos ai combinat tot <3,pup

Ela's Dreams said...

Simpatica manichiura :)

Manases Andrea said...

Foarte frumoasa combinatie de oje!

Vanyna said...

Imi placeeeee <3 .Imi plac culorile pe care le-ai combinat si ai pus si glitter <3

Alina Andreea said...

Ce draguta este combinatia de culori <3 Imi place foarte mult. <3

Sophiesticat said...

Multumesc, fetelor! :D

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