Feb 12, 2017

Saturday's Theme - Valentine's Nails

Hello, nail art lovers!
Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day, in advance! ^_^

This week's theme is meant to inspire you to create the perfect V-Day manichure and I really hope you will find something you like on our blogs.

Here is my idea:

I used the water marble technique  -something I haven't doen in a very long time because I wanted to give Valentine's Day a punk approach. Pink, black and white go very well together, in my opinion, so I decided to stick with this combo and make it easy to personalize.

This manicure can be either pro V-day or anti this celebration. Why? Well, in my opinion, the colors go from bright to dark, from happy to sad, from "out in the open" to mysterious, pretty much how people usually feel about Valentine's Day.

(Closest thing to a uniform water marble, lol)

I even attempted to create a design on my right hand, for the first time in forever. 

I only used three colors, out of which, the pink Ciate  - Lucky 7, stands out more. 

Let's check out what the other girls have prepared to inspire you:

Have an amazingly pink week, filled with love!
Read you next time! ^_^

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Manases Andrea said...

Foarte frumos ti-a iesit marbelul!

Claudia`s Choice said...

Ce interpretare frumoasa!

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