Sep 23, 2017

Saturday's Theme - Coral

Hello, nail art lovers!

When you will be reading this post, I will be on vacation!

Scratch that... I forgot to schedule the post so it's a week late... sorry girls!
I was on vacation an just got back so this weekend I'll treat you to two manicures. ^_^

My nails are inspired by the idea of traveling but I also managed to make them fit with the theme by choosing a coral nail polish for the non-accent nails. I hope you like my manicure:

For the accent nails I used water decals with a map pattern. They are like tattoos for the nails, super easy to apply. Just make sure to seal the edges really well. I'll try making a tutorial next time I use them. ^_^

The nail polish I used is: Ciate - access all areas 065

If you liked my manicure, please visit the other girls to see how creative they got with the theme!

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