Mar 17, 2018

Creative Nails Collab - Something Masculine

Hello nail art lovers,

This theme proved to be quite a challenge as the idea I had initially worked better with long nails. Since I have to come up with designs for short nails for a while I decided to let my creativity flow and inspiration came to me from (obviously) the Harry Potter series.

The design is pretty simple and quite common - suit and tie - and I decided to paint most of it using acrylic paint, as it's fast and simple. I had to be very careful with the proportions on my small nails, however I had fun doing it.

My inspiration came from the Ravenclaw house color - blue (I know it's blue and bronze, but I stuck with blue) which is the house of wit, intelligence and everything proper. It's also half of my hybrid house - Slytherclaw.

I only used one nail polish for this manicure, a beautiful dark blue shade from Avon. It's called Mystical Mermaid and it's part of the "Satin Matte" collection. 

Let's see what the other girls have used as inspiration for today's collaboration, by clicking on the following links:

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Manases Andrea said...

Foarte creativa modul se prezentare imi place mult modelul!

Alina Pink said...

Imi place rezultatul, au iesit foarte frumoase :)

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