Jul 30, 2018

Creative Nails Collab - Welcome to the Jungle

In the Jungle, the mighty Jungle... the lion sleeps tonight...
A whim away, a whim away...

Ahem, I got a bit distracted over there... anyway, the last theme for July was, as you can see from the title, "Welcome to the Jungle". Once again, I chose a simple design and even incorporated some glitter and stamped some leaves on top.

The gradient is a blue-green combo and the stamping was done with dark green, after I applied a thin coat of sheer glitter.
I tried to get the hang of this "stamping thing" multiple times, but I was never really fond of the idea so I didn't quite give it my best. I'll always prefer free-hand painting.

What do you think about my nails? Should I attempt stamping more often?

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